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Dec 15 2010

Rockin’ DSTRIPPED Article by the fabulous Rachel Porto

Heidi Kole

Dec 15 2010

We’re featured in DSTRIPPED, El Molino TV & India Tube!

Cool, random stuff happens in life if you keep your eyes open  – here are a few of those wonderful  ‘randomnicities’ 🙂

Dec 01 2010

Interview on “Different Voices” w/Poet Minor

Check out Minor’s show @

Nov 21 2010

“The Subway Diaries” – A Foot Long Look At Another World

Heidi Kole takes us on a unique journey below the streets of New York City, with her book, “The Subway Diaries.” The treat the reader gets is that the book really is not about being underground. It’s a personal journey of discovery, deep inside of her soul, which surprised her with a new vision of her art and her life.

For those who have never been in the New York Subway system, her writing paints an accurate and detailed picture of the life there..not the life of those passing through, but the life of those who are share their music and their lives….for tips. Ms. Kole is an important voice, for you can’t really understand the scope of New York City without including the Subway system and the life that exists there.

“The Subway Diaries”, in a way, is history….the personal history of one author that represents so many people who have passed through these famous tunnels of The Subway System, is a truth..her truth..her life…and to document that life is as important if not more important, then creating the Transit Museum.

I highly recommend “The Subway Diaries”. It’s different and It’s personal and it’s actually happening today and tomorrow and probably everyday that New York continues to thrive. Our lives are enriched by the music and art that spontaneously presents itself underground. For, in each and every performer, we can see ourselves. ~ Jennie Walker

Nov 21 2010

In this pre-fab-media-driven world, Heidi Kole does something…Refreshingly Real

Everything, including books these days are so homogenized, pasteurized, modified, and packaged by the major media and corporations telling us what we want to hear so they can sell the most product.
Not Ms. Kole! She fights “the establishment,” tells it like it is and gives us a real glimpse into the vibrant and thrilling world that exists in the New York underground, a world most of us New Yorkers just walk on by without giving it another thought. Her funny and engaging stories are a real breath of fresh air in a stagnating literary world. Bravo to Ms. Kole for doing something real! NYCQTA ~
Jul 09 2010

5 stars A Fascinating Read, February 21, 2010 By M. Lanciaux

A fascinating glimpse into a world that few really understand. In this book, Heidi Kole presents a first-hand account of performing in the New York subway system in an honest and elegant voice. From her initial fright at the idea of performing to gradual understanding of the ‘code of the underground’ to her acceptance and befriending of fellow performers, this book is filled with interesting insights and philosophy. Each chapter reads like a short story, and those short stories are beautifully woven into a compelling narrative that I found impossible to put down.

Jul 05 2010

Thanks Heidi for the Insights – Alice H

Heidi is a free spirit in the best sense of the phrase….trusting her own instincts to be a creative human being. This is the truth, I will never look at people on the Metro or downtown DC the same way after reading her book.

I read a couple of chapters in the evenings as a way to experience New York since I have only been there a couple of times. Thanks for the enjoyable read and for modeling a life based on art and openess to new relationships. Alice

Jul 04 2010

Great read, worth checking out – Mark T

This is a great read and insight into the underground world/code, that many pass by everyday without knowing, overall just a great experience to read and definitely worth a look.

Jul 03 2010

An amazing read – Bobby T

This book should be mandatory reading for every American !!I could not put it down.The underground culture described by Heidi is an amazing model of trust, caring for each other,and unity. If all people would read and apply the features of the model our world would be an amazing place!!

Jul 02 2010

The Heartbeat Of New York – Dan Orange

Reminiscent of an urban, underground Celestine Prophecy (but much more well written), Heidi Kole takes her readers through an incredible journey – filled with larger than life characters, personal revelation, love, compassion, heartache and fear – without ever leaving the confines of the New York City subway system. Through short chapter-like diary entries that keep the story moving at a quick, exciting pace, Kole gives us an insider’s look at the lives of some of the city’s best, and least well-known, musicians as they deal with background noise, foul odors, bizarre on-lookers, and the fight for their right to exist – all in the name of entertaining their audiences – and while asking for very little in return. Heidi is part story-teller and part philosopher in a guided tour of a city’s underground that will change the way you look at the people who make your commute a little more bearable.