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Heidi Kole
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Jul 15 2010

Feel the heat

This¬† has been the¬† hottest¬† summer here¬† in¬† NYC in¬† 9 years. Amp¬† that up¬† by a¬†¬† 10 –¬† 12 degrees and you get the feel¬† of¬† the underground in¬† this¬† heat.¬† it’s¬† beyond a sauna.¬† When¬† done¬† each¬† day I’m¬† soaked¬† from head to¬† toe –¬† hair drenched, shirt drenched poor¬† guitar¬† getting¬† dripped¬† on¬†¬† for¬† hours.¬† I¬† loose¬† so¬† much¬† fluid I¬† now¬† carry a¬† little¬† container of¬† salt¬† to¬† replenish¬† what¬† I¬† loose in¬† the 3-4¬† hrs in the heat.

Here’s a taste of the underground, on one of the hottest¬† days yet¬† courtesy of Melissa Donovan, superb¬† Cinematographer¬† who you¬† can¬† find¬† at

Video link below РFeel  the heat : )

3 Responses to “Feel the heat”

  1. avatar katy says:

    You also radiate joy to a depressed friend. She’s been in deep lately and I hadn’t known what to do when it finally it came to me and I started reading excerpts from The Subway Diaries. Every time I do she goes from sounding really low to laughing out loud and laughing and laughing joyously. It’s total therapy, this book!


    Heidi Reply:

    Are you down my friend? ūüôĀ The Diaries thank you but let me know if you need anything…we can always make you giggle : )

  2. avatar evesing4u says:

    You radiate joy in spite of the heat!

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