The Subway Diaries by Heidi Kole

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The Subway Diaries

Heidi Kole, currently an electrified absorber of life in NYC, is often described as a Renaissance woman Heidi is a singer/songwriter, actress, dancer, voiceover artist, stunt person for film/tv and author of The Subway Diaries - a first hand account of her experience as a busker in the NYC Subways after experiencing an accident and the resulting awakening that occurred while being thrust into the NYC Subways. Her stunt and acting credits include Disney, New Line, HBO, CBS, ABC, Warner Brothers and Tristar to name a few. Her voice over work can be heard on numerous National radio commercials and her songwriting credits to date include songs that hold both opening and closing credit spots in a number of films. Heidi, an eternal absorber of life, lives her life avidly soaking up humanity and creating her art from her day-to-day observations and adventures.

When asked what moves and inspires her most in life and in her art "People. I love humanity in all it's incarnations; a look, a smile, a bowed head, a dance, a tear, a laugh...all move me past all tangible boundaries. I hope I capture at least a fraction of that precious energy in my music and art." Heidi lives in New York City where she performs, writes, speaks and inspires both above and underground in and around NYC, the US and the globe.

The Subway Diaries

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