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Jul 01 2016

Stuff Buskers text about

Stuff NYC Buskers Text About #TheSubwayDiaries #NYPD #Busk


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  1. Evie says:

    This is an interesting Blog!
    This is getting too complicated to complete – sorry

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Jun 19 2016

When the world feels strange …

When the world feels strange and out of control above ground in NYC, I head under, where ‘strange’ & ‘out of control’ immediately become relative & insignificant

                                                         #Busk #NYCSubways #TheSubwayDiaries

Subway 10-21-07 313

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Mar 28 2016

Bi-Polar much NYPD?

Ok so tonight underground I was playing La Bamba with 4 cops behind me when all of a sudden all 4 NYPD officers started dancing. All male, shaking & wiggling their hips & waving their arms in the air. If I’d only had that on tape. It looked like the NYPD version of ‘Sister Act’

Then….not 15 minutes later I’m approached by 2 more cops (not dancing) and they demand I leave. I told them I’lm legal singing on the platform unampllified & showed them the rules, (1st Amendment violation NYPD) which they were 100% uninterested in. Then 7 more cops showed up & immediately grabbed my guitar case (4th Amendment violation guys) & started to toss things around, coins, dollars, my case, all my stuff….manually packing it up to force me out of the train. They grabbed my arm & commanded me to leave the Times Square station & said I could not enter again even to take a train or I would be immediately arrested. & sent down to Central Booking….Seriously guys? I’m singing…no amp, no nothing, just singing.

I have no idea who is training these rookie officers but, they’re gettin’ some seriously ‘bad learnin’ imo

And here’s a little 4th Amendment Violation – hanky-panky going on, courtesy of the NYPD #BuskScreen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.34.16 AM Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.59.32 PM

And this woman, whoever you are, you are my hero. You actually squeezed yourself in between the crazed officers busy pouncing on me & my gear, to drop a dollar in my case before they swept it up. I hope I see you again on the platform to tell you thank you heart emoticon ‪#‎buskinglove‬

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.31.47 AM

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  1. A passenger says:

    I once thought artistic expression on the subway was a great thing until lately. I was on the red line and drummers got on the train. one of them kept on goading passengers to acknowledge him. He then went into this ludicrous discourse about how he was taught to respect and acknowledge others and how he is entitled to the same treatment. He was relentless,oppressive, rude and obnoxious and I quickly understood why many people wear earbuds. Passengers are entitled to a peaceful ride towards their destination and being harrassed and infringed upon should not be the norm.
    I’m all for people making a living (especially musicians)just do it thoughtfully.

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Mar 22 2016


One of those nights on the platform when people seem to gravitate towards you, one after another, and proceed to tell you their life story….their ENTIRE life story ‪#‎Busktherapy‬ Photo – Jennifer Thomas


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Mar 02 2016


Never fails to fascinate me how people show their appreciation or attempt to connect. Today a guy walked all the way over, the entire length of the platform, eyes fixed on me and smiling, not to tell.me something or drop a dollar in my case, no….he walked over to gently touch my strumming hand while I was singing. He touched it & walked away. ‪#‎NYC‬ ‪#‎Busk‬ Photo –Henning Fischer


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Jan 17 2016

A snow day Uptown w/ Danny

Snow day hangin’ Uptown with Danny (aka Geechee Dan). Wokin’ on tunes with engineer David at the board2016-01-17 18.04.352016-01-17 18.05.39

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Nov 09 2015

Featured in Virgin Atlantic !

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, reason being, 2 broken elbows (yeah, I know, it took talent 🙂

I’ve been ‘surviving’ in other ways for the time being & looking forward to being back under in the near future.

In the meanwhile, just a quick note to let you know I’ve been featured in Virgin Atlantic’s Publication & wanted to share it with you:



For anyone wishing to fill some holiday gifts you’ll notice you can enter the code VIRGINATLANTIC here on the site and get 10% off your autographed copies of The Subway Diaries.

Cheers & hope everyone’s been super!

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Apr 05 2015

First ‘No-coat busk’ of 2015

First, blissful, ‘no-coat’ busk of 2015 


Photo – Jennifer Thomas

Subwaytwo 10-21-07 026

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Mar 28 2015

Skin Graffiti from Lyrics

#GiveMeSomthingICanBreatheWith – Lyrics from “Brighter Day” by Heidi Kole
Photo & Skin Grafitti – Mitchell Parsons


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Mar 23 2015

A little reminder from NYC

“‘Protect your Magic” door on abandoned building West 53rd St NYC NY



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