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Nov 19 2014

Goofin’ around underground with One



One One2

Mar 16 2014

Busking Love & Lipgloss

So I was busking the “R” tonight & this girl laden down with tons of shopping bags looked at me as I approached the door after my tune: “I don’t have any cash, but I have lip gloss…” she said with a mini question mark at the end of her offer. “Oh it’s ok, I don’t want to take your lip gloss” I said to shopper-girl. “No, no I have tons of other stuff, really it’s brand new, it’s Clarins. Take it, really – your singing was so lovely I want you to have it” #buskinglove
2014-03-16 18.38.53
Oct 20 2012

When your work…

When your work is your meditation, your joy, your healing, your passion – you’re about as lucky as you can get #the♥ofbusking

Jul 27 2012

NBC Universal just bought my Subway Storm Footage for the 2012 London Olympic Games!

And the ‘Subway Storm Footage’ adventure continues…just finished signing contracts w/NBC Universal as they’ve asked to use it in their NBC Olympic Promo Coverage for the duration of the 2012 Olympic Games – wild-n-crazy times : ) More to come ♥

Jul 26 2012

Storm clouds over Manhattan

Tonight we had a tornado watch out for all of NYC – the skies were ominous

Jul 20 2012

Chatting w/ Greg Mocker on NYC’s PIX 11 News on Rain Music Busking & The NYC Subways

Underground fun w/ PIX 11 News – Greg Mocker & I chat, sing, banter on music, busing, subways and … of course rain 🙂
Greg Mocker: “Here comes the rain again… i talked to the musician behind the subway rain video. Good to finally meet ya, Heidi Kole!”

PIX 11 Interview below

Jul 18 2012

Summer Storm hit NYC while busking the 1 train today

A fast & furious Summer Storm ploughed through NYC driving home stronger than ever that the infrastructure of the NYC Subways has a bit to be desired. The following photos & videos are from 34th Street, Penn Station after only 20 minute of rainfall … you do the math 🙂




Jul 12 2012

My photo picked up by The Huffington Post!

My shot of “Manhattanhenge”  entitled “Manhattanhenge 7.11.12” has been picked up by The Huffington Post – it’s currently #19 of 20 – click the stars next to it where my name is & something good’s supposed to happen 🙂


Jul 12 2012

‘Manhattanhenge’ over Times Square on way home from busking last night :)

Jul 11 2012

Favourite Sign of the Day :)

I have a habit of snapping shots of NYC signage – this was my favourite of the day – right in my laundry room 🙂