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Nov 16 2012

Dcumentary Filming Underground NYC with uber talented Director Viviane Blumenschein

Just back from amazing shoot w/phenomenal director Viviane Blumenschein:http://tonypetersenfilm.de/directors/tpf-germany/viviane-blumenschein/ from Germany in association w/Swiss Production Company, Markenfilm Schweiz – interviewing & filming me singin’ originals for their upcoming documentary on happiness 🙂 So up my alley ♥♥♥

Nov 11 2012

Occupy Feeding FEMA :)

Occupy Sandy Relief feeding FEMA workers in NY

Nov 09 2012

And meanwhile back at Occupy …

This is how it’s done!!!! #OccupySandyRelief #OWS

Nov 08 2012

Pretty much sums up what NYC & surrounding areas has experienced post-Sandy …

From “The Daily Caller” Nov 7th 2012

Many New Yorkers likely think Craig Fugate, who runs the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is doing a “heckuva job.” But he may have some explaining to do after FEMA disaster centers in several sections of New York City suddenly closed up shop Wednesday.

Another storm — a dreaded nor’easter — is on its way, and FEMA’s response was to shutter the relief centers that have been some Hurricane Sandy victims’ sole source of food, water and other supplies. The Red Cross has also cut back on relief services as New York City braces for the next wintry wallop.

Salon reported that Fugate told reporters on a Wednesday conference call that some post-Sandy FEMA facilities and services “had to be secured or postponed during the [current] storm. … We are going to resume when weather permits.”

DNAinfo.com New York visited several FEMA disaster centers and found “Closed due to weather” signs.

A FEMA facility on Coney Island was among those affected.

“The storm is coming. We don’t know how hard it’s going to hit us,” Jenny Cartagena told DNAInfo outside that FEMA site. “I need some help now.”

Non-FEMA volunteers handing out supplies on Staten Island said FEMA buses disappeared Wednesday, and were no longer available as places for New Yorkers with no electricity to get warm.

“FEMA packed up and left,” volunteer Louis Giraldi told the website.

“We don’t know where they are, so there’s nothing here but us.”


Nov 02 2012

The Lower East Side of Manhattan After Sandy

I just got back from the Lower East Side of Manhattan & this is how people are getting water. Every other fire hydrant is open enough for a slow trickle to come from it. I thought it perhaps just one lone man with his many containers filling them up one by one but as I stood there people kept emerging from their apts carrying buckets, jars & containers of all shapes & sizes to fill & then make their way back up to their apartments still without heat, water or electricity … It’s become ‘routine’ down there that this is their water supply … This is NYC


This is how it is at night on the LES – only the light of the random car, cab or NYPD vehicle lights up your walk. Many carry flashlights now. No traffic lights, no street lights, no building lights – complete & utter darkness – as if no one ever lived there. It’s basically a ghost town…
As I walked down 2nd Avenue I rather felt like one must feel when in Holland by the number of bicycles flying down the street. Literally in 15 minutes of walking over 100 bikes must have passed me – it is truly quite a sight, they just keep coming & believe me you better not be in their way
More images of  dark/vacant/ghost town of a LES & people waiting for hours to be picked up to get out of there to gather food, water & supplies…

Nov 01 2012

A few of Sandy’s after effects on The Big Apple

Many many Downtown MACS charging at an Uptown “Star Co” 🙂

Downtown MACS @ an Uptown Hot Spot

Line at Hess Station outside my apartment – cars & cabs stretched 8 blocks long & people lined up all day, gas cans in hand, surrounded by cops & cops cars keepin’ tempers in check, waitin’ for their allotment of gas ’till pumps ran dry …

Gas Lines NYC NY #AfterSandy