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May 24 2013

Subway Love to the max

The ‘regulars’ who see me frequently underground now often show up with water in hand. Without even asking water just appears!

Here are the gifts from my regulars tonight <3

So, this guy named Hugo was on his way home from work. He was exhausted & was about to go home & crash but instead heard the music, went outside the train station, found an ATM, took out money, came back, plopped a whole lot of it in my case & stayed to listen ’till I wrapped for the night. Honestly…there’s so much love beneath these NYC streets I cannot begin to explain all of it on a blog…but this is a start : )

And finally … that which moved my heart

This kid came up to me last week & said: “I’ve seen you before…”
“Well, hi” I replied
Then he looked down at my case: “Can I have a CD?”
“They’re $5” I said
“But I’d like a CD. May I have one?”
Then it dawned on me – it’s a kid & he’s not asking for drugs or money or candy…he’s asking for music…
“Sure, you can have one. Enjoy it” I said & he ran back to his mom to show it to her figuring he asked to see if he could get something for free
So, tonight he stops by again….
“Hi!” I said back
“I got a CD from you remember?”
“Oh yeah. I do remember. Yeah. How are you?” I said, kind of figuring he’d turned the CD into a coaster or a frisbee or something by now. Then his mom leaned in & said…”He listens to your CD every day, all day long.”
“It’s all he listens to. I’m serious”
And I turned to the kid, whose name I learned tonight is Savian, “I’m really glad you asked for one Savian and thanks so much for listening. Honestly, you just made my day”


May 23 2013

On in5dRadio this week – Ley Lines, Earth Grids & Breasts

This week n in5d Radio we had Ley Line & Earth Grid expert Peter Champoux as our guest on the show. Here’s the replay as well as my intro to the show which you may enjoy reading/sharing:


And my intro story on breasts…etc


May 22 2013

Really not sure what NYC’s smokin’ tonight & Payin’ it forward on 42nd St :)

Tonight I almost got accosted with kisses by a drunk dude who decided to do an impromptu strip tease to “Son Of A Preacher Man”….luckily I’m a stunt person with super quick reflexes & can usually dance around any drunk dude on a subway platform 🙂

So then I wrap busking, surface to the street & some random guy asks; “Are you the naked cowboy? I mean the girl version…” No I’m a fully clothed busker thank you” What the @#%! are you smokin’ tonight NYC? Then he just kept tryng to give me his number….”I wanna take you out…I really like you. Please take my number….” And all I kept thinking was … geeze what the heck is different today than every other insane day in NYC? All I know is I’m definitely going back to my old laundry detergent  🙂

And finally, homeless one legged vet Douglass, who I pass every day, had no strings left on his guitar tonight when I passed by, so I dug in my case &,gave him a pack of Martins …he was so happy! “This is the best tip I’ve gotten all day!” he shouted across 42nd St 🙂

May 15 2013

Underground Adventures : )

Ok found a spot, set up, started to sing & some.guy comes by, smiling & tyrns around & gently places this that he was carrying beside my guitar case….& no I haven’t opened it or called cops…hmmmm…

Awe..and so much luv tonight  Two rockin girls, Jayleena & Siobhoan gave me the BEST smiles ever from the side of the platform. Javleena hopped on the “A” & Siobhoan walked over, picked up a CD & said “I’m getting this for my friend as a surprise. You’re her favourite subway singer  Anyway, we got chatting & ended up giving Siobhoan an impromptu guitar lesson on the Uptown A,C,E after which we decided to be brave & dive into … ‘the briefcase’ & inside….tick tick tick….was a REALLY old camera which Siobhoan decided to take home to a friend who she said would like it. Yes, we’re hoping nothing explodes on the way, but I believe all will be well tonight in Gotham City. The end ~ well, actually there’s more but that’ll have to wait for Pt 2 : )

Pt 2 🙂

Ok so after the whole guitar lesson/mystery briefcase adventure…two more girls, an awesome dancer and her sister, came up & were quite the fans & and asked if they could dance to one of my tunes (their pick) – what crazy-intense talent lands in your lap while standing there on the Uptown A,C,E ♥ (video by Siobhon: )


May 12 2013

A very special Birthday :)

Birthday gift from an uber creative friend! Love artists! <3

May 07 2013

Paying it forward when you have nothing at all

A guy rolled up beside me in a wheelchair this evening counting coins in his lap. While I was singing he threw some into my case & stayed to listen to the song. As he wheeled away I asked, feeling as if I’d like to give him something in return for the coins as he obviously owned very little; “Excuse me”
Man: “Yeah?”
Me: “Do you have a CD player?”
Man: “No, I’m homeless, I don’t have anything”
Me: “Oh I just wanted to give you a CD, you know, for…”
Man: “That’s ok. I was blessed today by someone else so I just wanted to pay it forward you know”
My heart & a obviously the guy’s heart standing off to the side agains the yellow column watching the entire thing were deeply touched. I took a deep breath & started in singing again as the guy leaning against the pillar grinned & the man in the wheelchair rolled onto the “A” train, tossing a few more coins in to my case as he left

May 07 2013


Woman on my floor (45) in elevator today: “18”
Me: “18?”
Woman: “Yeah, 18. I’ve ridden express 18 times to the 1st floor since the beginning of the year – I keep track”
Ah…NYC 🙂 ♥

May 06 2013

Tonight on in5dRadio w/ replay

Tonight, Monday May 6th, 2013, Gregg and my special guests will be YOU as we talk about introverts and extroverts. Our show begins at 7PM EST, 4PM Pacific and 12AM Midnight, UK.

We will also be talking about the common myths of being introverted such as being shy, reclusive and antisocial.

If you are not sure which one you might be, you can take this simple test to find out here:

If you missed tonight’s show, here it is! Lots of laughs, especially in the chatroom with our introverted in5d family….. 😀


May 05 2013

Intrepid @ Sunset

At the end of a run this evening I caught this – the mighty Intrepid @ Sundown

May 05 2013

If you’re in NYC come on down May 8th & help save NYC’s art!

Dear NYC Performers,

On MAY 8TH 2013, centered in Washington Sq Park, the PEP (Parks Dept
police) will be giving out a promised FAQ sheet describing in detail
the rights (or lack of rights) of performers in all NYC Parks. (see news
article below this announcement describing this.)

The Parks Dept has assured performers there will not be any enforcement
actions taken against them. Depending on what it says on this FAQ
sheet about the revised park rules for performers and musicians,
performers will have either officially won their rights in parks or will have
to begin a new struggle to regain them.

Performers should make it their business to show up in Washington Sq
Park in particular on May 8 in order to participate and
to get a copy of this historic FAQ. Please do not use amplification on
this day. Bring a camera, tape recorder or video camera and use it. to
record anything that the PEP officers say to you or do.

If it is raining still show up to get the FAQ and then perform for a while
when the rain stops.

Please sign this Petition and send it to ten people. Each signature
is being individually emailed to the Parks Commissioner.
Make the public, the media and other performers aware of May 8th.

The Petition now has over 800 signatures and is filled with terrific
comments by musicians, performers and their supporters. Sign Here:


Mayor Bloomberg and Parks Commissioner White: Repeal the park
restrictions on performers, musicians and artists.

Artists, musicians and performers are exercising their basic First
Amendment rights in parks. The expressive matter rules violate these
rights. The US Supreme court has ruled that: “Wherever the title of
streets and parks may rest, they have immemorially been held in trust
for the use of the public and, time out of mind, have been used for
purposes of assembly, communicating thoughts between citizens, and
discussing public questions. Such use of the streets and public places
has, from ancient times, been a part of the privileges, immunities,
rights and liberties of citizens.”

4/16/13 – Parks Dept Lying About Performer Ban


5/1/13 Parks Department Can’t Get Its Story Straight


Comments, questions?

Mayor Bloomberg and Parks Commissioner White: Repeal the park restrictions on performers, musicians.
Artists, musicians and performers are exercising their basic First Amendment rights in parks. The expressive matter rules violate these rights.