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May 15 2013

Underground Adventures : )

Ok found a spot, set up, started to sing & some.guy comes by, smiling & tyrns around & gently places this that he was carrying beside my guitar case….& no I haven’t opened it or called cops…hmmmm…

Awe..and so much luv tonight  Two rockin girls, Jayleena & Siobhoan gave me the BEST smiles ever from the side of the platform. Javleena hopped on the “A” & Siobhoan walked over, picked up a CD & said “I’m getting this for my friend as a surprise. You’re her favourite subway singer  Anyway, we got chatting & ended up giving Siobhoan an impromptu guitar lesson on the Uptown A,C,E after which we decided to be brave & dive into … ‘the briefcase’ & inside….tick tick tick….was a REALLY old camera which Siobhoan decided to take home to a friend who she said would like it. Yes, we’re hoping nothing explodes on the way, but I believe all will be well tonight in Gotham City. The end ~ well, actually there’s more but that’ll have to wait for Pt 2 : )

Pt 2 🙂

Ok so after the whole guitar lesson/mystery briefcase adventure…two more girls, an awesome dancer and her sister, came up & were quite the fans & and asked if they could dance to one of my tunes (their pick) – what crazy-intense talent lands in your lap while standing there on the Uptown A,C,E ♥ (video by Siobhon: )


Apr 26 2013

Tonight Underground :)

Guy with multiple cameras hangin’ from his neck: “So, I took some photos of you & here’s my card”
Me: “Ok, thanks”
Guy: “So I took some photos of another girl who sings down here & is an actress & she also wore shorts with tights just like you. And that’s what I specialize in”
Me: “In what?”
Guy: “Photos of girls in shorts with tights, or stockings or…”
Me: (to myself) OMG ick!
***Below = Danny’s face on overhearing the entire conversation – Priceless 🙂