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Sep 24 2011

Dstripped, Stunts, Taking Wall Street & Tonight’s Sunset ~

This Fall DStripped Magazine is featuring “The Subway Diaries” in it’s newest edition now in print here http:/www.dstrippedmagazine.com and soon to be available @ your local Barnes & Noble store in October!

And yesterday I did the first of a few days of stunt work on a horror film called “Found Footage”  – it was a rainy day but warm & the first day went well -Four of us were lynched –  lovely, right? 🙂

And perhaps most importantly, I want to make everyone aware of what is going on here in NYC and multiple cities around the US. The mass media is not only not covering this but has banned all coverage of the protests – so to be aware and tuned in to what is going on you must connect on Facebook or Twitter via sites such as this http://www.occupywallst.org

Here are some photos from what is going on – http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/media/set/?set=a.10150297287072282.331872.680962281

Photo – Jeff Prager

And here is a a video of today in Union Square where the NYPD put up Police Netting before conducting mass arrests of the peaceful protesters:


You know you’re doing something right, something of vital importance when mainstream media intentionally blocks all coverage of it’s occurring” #thatsthelitmus” ~ yours truly

PS here is their food fund for those of you who want to help & are not in NYC to physically protest – https://www.wepay.com/donate/99275

And finally here is tonight’s sunset over the Hudson from my window in 45P – be aware, be awake, the world is shifting – Namaste world from Heidi Kole & The Subway Diaries ~

Sep 15 2011

Angels, Virtual Shopping & Love Until It Hurts

I had a tough day today so I grabbed my guitar & headed under regardless of it being 9PM at night by the time I got to the platforms.

There was a Cuban vocalist singing Spanish love songs on the Uptown A,C,E so I sat on the bench & waited ’till he was done since he said he wasn’t going to be much more than 20 minutes more

I sat down next to a happy, round-faced  Hispanic woman named Tina with her shopping bags on her lap. One was a huge MACY’S bag and I asked her; “So, what did you get?” as I pointed to the bag.

“Oh” she said confidently, “I found it”

“You found what?” I said as I peered into surprisingly empty bag

“I found the bag and it made me smile because even though I didn’t have the money to go shopping, I feel like I’ve gone shopping just carrying it”

“Oh my God, that’s brilliant. It’s like virtual shopping!”  I said to her & she smiled back a very proud smile.

Sing of the times – I thought to myself … maybe we’ll all be taking a hint from Tina soon and doing all our shopping ‘virutally’ : )

We chatted some more & she told me she and her boyfriend had just broken up but, “I really love my freedom” she added “We have things in common & he is very well to do, but I love my freedom too.” she added, her round, jovial cheeks glowing.

The then reached into her purse for a pen and said “I have something for you” She pulled out a green pen and folded her prize Macey’s bag onto her lap. Then she proceeded to write as she spoke these words:“Ama hasta que Te duela y si te Duele, es un buena senal” ~ Mother Theresa (which, translated means, Love until it hurts & if it hurts it’s a good sign” ~ Mother Theresa

“Keep this” Tina said, “Keep it near you and you will remember it’s power”

Tina proceeded to buy a copy of “The Subway Diaries”, sharing more of her relationship woes and stayed for the first 1/2 hour of my time on the platform. After she left, sharing big hugs and kisses with me , her energy remained.

I continued to sing and to be quite honest, the love that started the night continued non stop through out the evening. Commuters donated, smiled, blew & gave kisses and shared hugs with me all night long. Many shared their stories of where they were from, where they were going and how the music had moved them this evening.

I share this night’s adventures with you guys out there in “The Subway Diaries” – Land because I am eternally beyond floored at what these trains give me daily, nightly, week after week, month after month. I want you to know. I never know where these ‘angel’s come from – I never know where they go afterward as I rarely see the ‘angels’ again. But I have no doubt now, after 6 yrs underground, that angels do exist.I know they exist & I hope you too may be inspired to listen for the angels as they talk to you. Because they will, if you listen closely : )

Love & Peace Heidi & The Subway Diaries

Sep 14 2011

In the top 5% to be on a Times Square Billboard!

Please help me get there by making two clicks on this link!

http://about.me/HeidiKole Vote button upper right hand side

PS you can vote once a day, every day ’till Sept 20th!

Thanks & keep you updated on our progress

This could be fun 🙂

Sep 12 2011

Riding On The Rails & The Busking Project

So, this past week I was visited all the way from the UK by the fabulous documentary film “The Busking Project” – it’s one of the most down to earth & real projects on busking that I’ve been involved with.

Of course the day we filmed it was 104 degrees underground & we all almost passed out – but we got it done in between the rushing “A” trains and stifling heat

Then, directly after our shoot I had been asked to do an interview on the radio show Riding On The Rails which is a show by buskers, for buskers (and anyone of course who is curious about our world 🙂

Enjoy the interview & links !

Love & music Heidi Kole & The subway Diaries

Sep 05 2011

Finally some Lawrence Busker Stuff!

The Lawrence Busker Festival in Lawrence KS rocked! It’s taken me a little bit to post some photos due to earthquakes and hurricanes passing over The Big Apple & taking up most of my energy

Anyway – we’re in a lull here, amidst the storms and so here ya go!

  • The first day I flew into KS City and was driven straight to perform at the opening benefit concert for Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Lawrence.
  • The next morning I did an early AM breakfast concert at the hotel I was staying in (omg – not my best time of day!)
  • Later that day the movie I’m in, Busking The System had it’s first screening and I did the Q&A after which was superb fun
  • I busked the streets of Lawrence – (my most favourite part!) met some fabulous people and absorbed festival energy while I sang, way into the night
  • Next day we had another morning Q&A for Busking The System
  • Followed by a stage show that went superbly & where many bought CDs
  • Followed by a book signing/reading & concert of “The Subway Diaries”@ Signs Of Life , the bookstore hosting my book signing and reading at the Festival
  • Finally I busked into the evening that, my last night in Lawrence – too the plane back the next day & collapsed for a blissful 14 hrs of sleep!

Lawrence KS, I would busk your city any day! Lookin’ forward to next year!

And finally an album of shot of the beautiful environment @ The Lawrence Busker Fest – soak it up!


Love, Light & Music

Heidi & The Subway Diaries