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Oct 20 2012

When your work…

When your work is your meditation, your joy, your healing, your passion – you’re about as lucky as you can get #the♥ofbusking

Jul 27 2012

NBC Universal just bought my Subway Storm Footage for the 2012 London Olympic Games!

And the ‘Subway Storm Footage’ adventure continues…just finished signing contracts w/NBC Universal as they’ve asked to use it in their NBC Olympic Promo Coverage for the duration of the 2012 Olympic Games – wild-n-crazy times : ) More to come ♥

Jul 10 2012

Louise Hauck – a fellow vbrational entrainer of the NYC Subways

The other day I heard a wonderful Futurist, Intuitive & Author, Louise Hauck on Coast to Coast Radio. What I heard inspired me to reach out to Louise as a fellow energy worker & this is her fabulous response 😉


Subway Angels

Submitted by illuminator on July 9, 2012 – 8:11pm
Subway Angels

I was touched by this email from a Coast to Coast listener. She heard me talk about “entraining” others onto a higher vibrational frequency — especially on planes and trains!

Hello Louise,
I have just finished hearing you on C2C and it was both inspiring & made me giggle as I am (among other things) a busker (singer/guitar player) of 6 years in the NYC Subways. I recently have moved onto the train cars to busk as the heat has gotten pretty rough in the city. It’s a different world on the train cars versus the platforms and one thing I’ve noticed is that during the 3 1/2 minutes or so that I’m singing, the sound & energy can actually raise the vibration of those on the train car.

I always prep myself prior to going into the trains – surrounding myself with light & as I call them, ‘my subway angels’ to keep me surrounded by only good vibrations, allow me to do my work & keep the cops away 🙂 When I get on the car I look around at all the people and get a gage of where the vibration is starting from – then I usually choose the one person who is sighing, probably having decided that I should be thrown off the train 🙂 I choose them to channel my energy & sound through. It’s so fabulous, by the end of the song, how the formerly ‘unwelcoming’ person with the scrunched up face will have softened…eyes often closed, having absorbed the sound & vibration that’s been raised throughout the car.

I’ve had many awakenings from my many experiences under the streets of New York, in the NYC subways, the latest being what I am experiencing vibration-wise on the train cars, my intuition becoming quite heightened. Sometimes, I actually invite the higher entities who channel through me in the train cars, to take a verse, a note, a phrase of a song here & there, now & then. I love to let their energies assist in the raising of the vibration of the people who I encounter. This is why I busk, this is why I spent 6 years writing a book, ‘The Subway Diaries’ to share with the world the phenomenal energetic experiences that exist underground the city of New York.

It’s such a fabulous and magical journey we’re all on & I hope more than anything that everyone can get even a small taste of these fabulous & powerful energetic worlds that exist for all of us 🙂

Thank you for your touching stories on C2C – I’ve never heard anyone else, other than myself, speak of the energetic experiences on the NYC Subways – it’s a rich & magical playground for energies to play in & was happy to hear your experiences there & elsewhere.

Love & Light
Heidi Kole
The Subway Diaries



Apr 24 2012

On air today w/ Truth Connections Radio!

Tune in today @ 8PM to Kathy Buckalew ‘s mind expanding show, Truth Connections Radio http://truthconnections.wordpress.com/ & http://www.blogtalkradio.com/truthconnections – hear my tunes played & listen in for special Truth Connections offer of The Subway Diaries!

Truth Connections Radio



Apr 21 2012

A Guy on Train ~

Guy on train, after pokin’ around, trying to find a place to put a dollar while I’m singing: “That was just a test”
Me: “A test?”
Guy: “A test, to see if you’d stop or keep singing”
Me: “Haha – I never stop unless you have a gun, a walkie & a badge” 🙂

Apr 08 2012

The Busking Project!

The Busking Project – headed my Nick Broad is a fabulous people – immense & life changing project that I’m honoured to be part of  🙂


Mar 28 2012

The Underground gets Occupied :)

Thanks to the Transit Workers Union of NYC 🙂 http://gothamist.com/2012/03/28/did_you_get_a_free_ride_on_the_subw.php

Sep 24 2011

Dstripped, Stunts, Taking Wall Street & Tonight’s Sunset ~

This Fall DStripped Magazine is featuring “The Subway Diaries” in it’s newest edition now in print here http:/www.dstrippedmagazine.com and soon to be available @ your local Barnes & Noble store in October!

And yesterday I did the first of a few days of stunt work on a horror film called “Found Footage”  – it was a rainy day but warm & the first day went well -Four of us were lynched –  lovely, right? 🙂

And perhaps most importantly, I want to make everyone aware of what is going on here in NYC and multiple cities around the US. The mass media is not only not covering this but has banned all coverage of the protests – so to be aware and tuned in to what is going on you must connect on Facebook or Twitter via sites such as this http://www.occupywallst.org

Here are some photos from what is going on – http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/media/set/?set=a.10150297287072282.331872.680962281

Photo – Jeff Prager

And here is a a video of today in Union Square where the NYPD put up Police Netting before conducting mass arrests of the peaceful protesters:


You know you’re doing something right, something of vital importance when mainstream media intentionally blocks all coverage of it’s occurring” #thatsthelitmus” ~ yours truly

PS here is their food fund for those of you who want to help & are not in NYC to physically protest – https://www.wepay.com/donate/99275

And finally here is tonight’s sunset over the Hudson from my window in 45P – be aware, be awake, the world is shifting – Namaste world from Heidi Kole & The Subway Diaries ~

Dec 28 2010

Fun times on air w/ Michael McFadden

Here’s my post Xmas interview on Michael Mcfadden’s radio show from Atlanta GA (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/michaelmcfadden) It’s a kickin’ banter between two Washington, DC natives about art, life and the journey. Hope you dig the conversation 🙂


Nov 23 2010

Double Radio Show Tonight

  • Tonight – Tuesday, 23rd – we’ll be on air for two shows 8 -9 & 9- 10 PM EST broadcast Globally from www.centannibroadcasting.com – tune in or come on up to Giovanna’s Restaurant and be in the live studio audience while you have some kick-ass Italian food!!!
  • Here’s my 2nd host’s (9-10) blog, w/ highlights of his show tonight! http://yorkvillestoopstonuts.blogspot.com/

NOTE: Mac users download Windows Media Player For MAC prior to broadcast

Enjoy the Show!