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Nov 21 2014

Think less ~

Think Less, Feel More – When you think, you draw only on what you’ve experienced in this, life thus far, when you feel, you draw on the entirety of that which is Universal Intelligence ~ HK ~

Nov 27 2013

Busker Wisdom

Busker guy in wheelchair with well worn ax on the A,C,E: “You on the cars tonight?”
Me:”Yeah I am. It’s oddly slow though. Not sure why”
Busker guy: ” Well, we have the slow days so we’ll be sure to appreciate the good ones”

2013-11-27 19.27.19 (1)

Oct 10 2013

Subway Love

People record & film me all the time underground, but the highest compliment came today when these 2 guys recorded me & then played it back through their headphones, smiling & groovin’ to the recording as the train finished pulling into the station #SubwayLove

Jul 31 2013

Finally some positive 1st Amendment Movement re Busking….

LINK: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/federal-judge-puts-halt-to-rules-on-st-louis-street/article_76991f42-96fe-533a-b3b3-4c594e2b8d8a.html

Big News in US Busker Laws in St Louis at least. One down, many cities to go…Thank you to BUSK THE MOVIE for this info

ST. LOUIS • A federal district judge has cleared the way for performers to take their acts to the streets of St. Louis without having to audition first, pay for a license or be restricted to a certain part of the city.

Judge Catherine D. Perry on Tuesday granted a preliminary injunction sought by the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri to prevent the enforcement of ordinances restricting the performers.

A lawsuit by the ACLU challenged the constitutionality of the city’s street performer ordinances, which require a permit to perform. The court also ordered both sides to try to resolve the case through mediation by Sept. 30. If they fail to do so, the judge will consider a permanent injunction at trial.

The decision affects street musicians, mimes, jugglers, dancers, magicians and anyone else who wants to perform.

“St. Louis’ busking ordinances are as unwise as they are unconstitutional,” Tony Rothert, ACLU legal director for Eastern Missouri, said in a statement. “Besides detracting from a creative, vibrant and diverse city, the challenged ordinances are constitutionally defective.

“Artistic expression at public places is protected by the First Amendment,” Rothert said.

Jeffrey Mittman, the chapter’s executive director, said the First Amendment protects the “marketplace of ideas — from standard political discourse, to the leafleting of unpopular speech, to the performance of a beautiful song.”

Mayor Francis Slay’s office had no immediate response.

The city has regulated street performers since 1997, but last year the permit fees increased from $25 to $100 dollars.

The ACLU had argued in the federal suit that St. Louis’ ordinances violate the First and 14th Amendments because they use vague terms that could suppress artistic expression.

City officials had argued the ordinances were not unconstitutional and said further that the regulations only affected people performing for money.

“The ordinance seeks to balance competing needs on busy streets,” city spokesman Maggie Crane said when the suit was filed in May.

In her order, Perry wrote, “I conclude (the city’s) interests in maintaining public order and convenience can be better served by measures less intrusive on First Amendment freedoms.”

The suit was filed on behalf of street musicians Nick Pence and Frederick Walker.

Alderman Phyllis Young, whose district includes downtown, sponsored legislation in 1997 to allow artists and musicians to perform in most of the city. Before that, the city prohibited street performers.

Margaret Gillerman is a reporter for the Post-Dispatch.

Jun 01 2013

Why I busk

When I step onto a train car here in NYC with my guitar, no matter who is sitting in that car, no matter what scrunched up face they are wearing at that moment, no matter how heavily their shoulders hang from their body, or how audible their sigh of disdain or anger at seeing me there is, all I see is love – that’s where I sing from. And the greatest joy is seeing all that energy transform in front of my eyes within the 2 1/2 minutes I visit that car. Seeing the most angry, stressed, pissed off-about to explode souls soften & smile in front of my eyes just through music, energy & intention. You may see me as separate from you, not knowing you, apart from you. I see the opposite. I see you as me, your pain as mine, your joy as my joy. That’s where I sing from. That’s how I reach you. That’s why I busk <3

Photo – Tolga Adonali

May 07 2013

Paying it forward when you have nothing at all

A guy rolled up beside me in a wheelchair this evening counting coins in his lap. While I was singing he threw some into my case & stayed to listen to the song. As he wheeled away I asked, feeling as if I’d like to give him something in return for the coins as he obviously owned very little; “Excuse me”
Man: “Yeah?”
Me: “Do you have a CD player?”
Man: “No, I’m homeless, I don’t have anything”
Me: “Oh I just wanted to give you a CD, you know, for…”
Man: “That’s ok. I was blessed today by someone else so I just wanted to pay it forward you know”
My heart & a obviously the guy’s heart standing off to the side agains the yellow column watching the entire thing were deeply touched. I took a deep breath & started in singing again as the guy leaning against the pillar grinned & the man in the wheelchair rolled onto the “A” train, tossing a few more coins in to my case as he left

Apr 01 2013

New Radio show tonight live @7PM EST



On Monday, April 1st, 2013, at 7PM EST, 4PM Pacific and 12 Midnight UK time, our guest will be Jordan Maxwell, who will be revealing for the 1st time on air, who the “Antichrist” is… and it’s not a person!

It’s going to be a great show so please tune in. In the 2nd hour, we’ll be taking phone calls with your questions for Jordan. Also, we have a chatroom on our BlogTalkRadio page where you can ask questions as well!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here too!

Namaste ~

Jan 23 2013

Yeah – this is NYC :)

Coming back form the trains tonight this is what I stumbled on – a drag queen dancing like no one was watching, in the middle of Times Square, so of course everyone was watching 🙂 (excuse the beginning…I barely had one hand free carrying guitar & groceries)

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”― Friedrich Nietzsche

“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” — Henry Chinaski


May 16 2012

Favourite Feedback of the day ♥

My favourite feedback of the day from a guy who didin’t talk…he got my heart with this ♥ (excuse the blurry train pic – lotta movement on the #1 🙂

Jan 30 2012

Rock on!

Sitting on bench, waiting @Times Square for Downtown “A” train & and a guy walks by, puts his arm in the air & announces; “The incomparable Heidi Kole!” I look over & the guy smiling at me, adds, “Where’s your amp?” – not knowing him for the life of me, I answered kind of softly; “I’m actually just going downtown to the guitar store, so don’t have my amp” “Rock on Heidi Kole – we are the 99%!” he shouted as the train doors closed on his huge smile, his arm shot up in the air topped by his hand clenched in an occupy fist. This city’s eternally craaaazy : ) ♥