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Mar 26 2013

Co-Hosting new Radio Show w/ in5d!

Hi guys – along w/ busking, recording, a new book & performing/rehearsing w/ Danny & The Geechee Band – I’m now the co-host of the new In5DRadio show

For those who may have missed it last night, here is the replay – enjoy 🙂


Mar 20 2013

A little more music live from the underground – “Brighter Day” :)


Mar 20 2013

Danny & I singin’ “Crazy Love” @ 42nd St Times Square


Mar 13 2013

Jammin’ w/Danny Smalls’ Geechee Band @ BB Kings on 42nd St NYC NY

 Danny Smalls’ Geechee Band featuring:
 Danny (vox & a that unique ‘Danny’ underground soul)
Heidi Kole (vox)
Sugabear (keys)
Jazzy (drums)
Taylor (bass)

NYC musicians, most also playing the NYC Subways, with South Carolina as our roots, surfacing for a night to entertain, move & groove you sans the “A” train

Eat, drink, dance & get your underground groove on for one night above @ BB Kings!
  @Lucille @ BB Kings in Midtown Manhattan on Fri March 15th @ 10PM
BB Kings, 42nd street
New York, New York
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Mar 10 2013

My guides speak on in5d.com

Many of you know, along with my music, stunt, voice over work & busking I lead an active spiritual / channeling life filled with gifts of knowing & knowledge often handed down in the form of channellings, feelings & other times what is known as automatic writing. Recently the alternative news site www.in5d.com published two of these automatic writing pieces on their site & I share them here with you as well in the event they may speak to you as they have to others. Stay Creative & Namaste


Mar 06 2013

Tonight on the Platform

Danny to me at rehearsal tonight: “I got my subway shoes on”
Me: (looking down at his black sneakers) “How come you call them your subway shoes?”
Danny: “Cause I cut off the back part here to make ’em more comfortable & not look so fancy as when I got ’em you know. You know you can’t look too fancy down there in the trains or else people’ll think you got too much money & won’t give you none of that green. I could wear a different silk suit every day down there but I wouldn’t make no money you know. You gotta have that little bit of a homeless thing goin’ on down there in the trains. That’s how you make all them dead presidents.”
Me: “Somehow, Danny, I kinda think you could wear a solid gold plated suit & you’d still clean up underground.” : )

Mar 03 2013

Taste of Geechee :) (audio from rehearsal)

We’re performing this month @ BB Kings on 42nd St here in NYC – here’s a little clip from rehearsal last week w/ the band, Danny on vocals & Lauri & I backup (insert visual of Danny doin’ his trademark ‘Danny Hip Dance’ right before the laugh 🙂


A Little Bit Of Geechee 🙂