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Jul 27 2012

NBC Universal just bought my Subway Storm Footage for the 2012 London Olympic Games!

And the ‘Subway Storm Footage’ adventure continues…just finished signing contracts w/NBC Universal as they’ve asked to use it in their NBC Olympic Promo Coverage for the duration of the 2012 Olympic Games – wild-n-crazy times : ) More to come ♥

Jul 26 2012

Storm clouds over Manhattan

Tonight we had a tornado watch out for all of NYC – the skies were ominous

Jul 20 2012

Chatting w/ Greg Mocker on NYC’s PIX 11 News on Rain Music Busking & The NYC Subways

Underground fun w/ PIX 11 News – Greg Mocker & I chat, sing, banter on music, busing, subways and … of course rain 🙂
Greg Mocker: “Here comes the rain again… i talked to the musician behind the subway rain video. Good to finally meet ya, Heidi Kole!”

PIX 11 Interview below

Jul 19 2012

WNBC posts my footage of today’s storm !

Yay my footage & website up on WNBC – “Subway riders deal with flooded subways after storm”


The storm that passed through New York City Wednesday evening dumped so much water that stations across the system were springing leaks. Katy Tur has more. (Viewer video of water at Penn Station courtesy of subway busker Heidi Kole at <a href=

The storm that passed through New York City Wednesday evening dumped so much water that stations across the system were springing leaks. Katy Tur has more. (Viewer video of water at Penn Station courtesy of subway busker Heidi Kole at thesubwaydiaries.com.

Severe thunderstorms gusted through the area Wednesday afternoon, bringing heavy rain, strong winds, spectacular lightning displays and quarter-sized hail as it knocked out power to thousands of homes and wreaked havoc across the region.

New Yorkers faced a messy commute home, in many cases dealing with flooding on subway platforms and even inside train cars.

The 1/2/3 train platform at Penn Station saw particularly heavy flooding, with rainwater pouring in from above ground and water spouting from walls. There were no major train delays.

“Problems occur when there is a large amount of rain in a short amount of time,” the MTA said in a statement. “Sometimes when the gutters are full on the street level, water flows into the system. We are working to clear areas of our stations where water has accumulated.”

New Jersey PATH service was suspended briefly due to signal failure. It has since been restored.

At least one injury is already being blamed on the storm, in the Long Island city of Glen Cove. Trees were halved and a gazebo destroyed in the community’s historic Morgan’s Park. One of four fishermen inside or near the gazebo has been taken to the hospital with a possible leg injury, said Glen Cove Mayor Ralph Suozzi.

“For a few minutes, it was sheer chaos,” said park worker Vinny Bertin.

In Brookville, classes were canceled at Long Island University’s CW Post after power was knocked out.

Trees also fell and power lines snapped in Rockland County. In the village of Spring Valley, lightning hit the roof of one house, triggering an attic fire. No one was hurt.

A Sayreville, N.J. resident is thankful he wasn’t in his 18-foot pool when an oak tree crashed into it.

“Thank God we weren’t swimming,” said Chris White. “Everybody would’ve been dead.”

The storms were blamed for long delays at area airports, by an average of more than two hours at JFK Airport and La Guardia and more than an hour and a half at Newark.

By Wednesday night, Con Edison had restored electricity to more than 85 percent of the 14,300 customers who lost power during the heat and passing thunderstorms.For the second day in a row, Con Ed’s 3.2 million customers in New York City and Westchester set a record for 2012 peak electricity demand, topping out at 12,836 megawatts at 1p.m. Wednesday.

On Long Island, LIPA said 9,208 customers lost power, as did about 4,000 customers in Rockland and Orange counties. By late Wednesday night, those numbers were reduced to 7,000 on Long Island and less than 300 in Rockland. More than 10,000 outages were reported across New Jersey at its peak, but the number was down to 3,000 by nighttime.

Earlier, temperatures hit a record 104 degrees in Newark, with a heat index of a blistering 108. LaGuardia also a record high of 101, and JFK of 96. Central Park reached a high of 100, but it was not a record.

The storms brought double-digit relief from record temperatures after three days of blazing heat and stifling humidity. In Central Park, the temperature plunged to 74 degrees after the storm passed through.

There were areas of street and highway flooding after the storm. In Newark, cars got stuck under a flooded overpass, surprising drivers on their way home.

“I’m coming out of work, and I’m not expecting my car to turn off and it just shuts off on me,” said Jonathan Cortes of Elizabeth. “I saw like three or four cars shut down right there.”

Though the heat has broken, the humidity is expected to linger. Expect more clouds than sun with a few showers possible Thursday. Cooler air will eventually push south into the area Friday, when temperatures aren’t expected to exceed the 70s. The last time Central Park recorded a high in the 70s was June 26.

The weekend weather is expected to be pleasant, with mostly sunny skies and highs in the low- to-mid 80s.

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Jul 18 2012

Summer Storm hit NYC while busking the 1 train today

A fast & furious Summer Storm ploughed through NYC driving home stronger than ever that the infrastructure of the NYC Subways has a bit to be desired. The following photos & videos are from 34th Street, Penn Station after only 20 minute of rainfall … you do the math 🙂




Jul 18 2012

Pug T-Modelling extraordinaire :)

My California friend Kelly Moses's oh so stylish Pug, Pat - modelling The Subway Diaries "T" 🙂

Jul 12 2012

My photo picked up by The Huffington Post!

My shot of “Manhattanhenge”  entitled “Manhattanhenge 7.11.12” has been picked up by The Huffington Post – it’s currently #19 of 20 – click the stars next to it where my name is & something good’s supposed to happen 🙂


Jul 12 2012

‘Manhattanhenge’ over Times Square on way home from busking last night :)

Jul 11 2012

Favourite Sign of the Day :)

I have a habit of snapping shots of NYC signage – this was my favourite of the day – right in my laundry room 🙂

Jul 10 2012

Louise Hauck – a fellow vbrational entrainer of the NYC Subways

The other day I heard a wonderful Futurist, Intuitive & Author, Louise Hauck on Coast to Coast Radio. What I heard inspired me to reach out to Louise as a fellow energy worker & this is her fabulous response 😉


Subway Angels

Submitted by illuminator on July 9, 2012 – 8:11pm
Subway Angels

I was touched by this email from a Coast to Coast listener. She heard me talk about “entraining” others onto a higher vibrational frequency — especially on planes and trains!

Hello Louise,
I have just finished hearing you on C2C and it was both inspiring & made me giggle as I am (among other things) a busker (singer/guitar player) of 6 years in the NYC Subways. I recently have moved onto the train cars to busk as the heat has gotten pretty rough in the city. It’s a different world on the train cars versus the platforms and one thing I’ve noticed is that during the 3 1/2 minutes or so that I’m singing, the sound & energy can actually raise the vibration of those on the train car.

I always prep myself prior to going into the trains – surrounding myself with light & as I call them, ‘my subway angels’ to keep me surrounded by only good vibrations, allow me to do my work & keep the cops away 🙂 When I get on the car I look around at all the people and get a gage of where the vibration is starting from – then I usually choose the one person who is sighing, probably having decided that I should be thrown off the train 🙂 I choose them to channel my energy & sound through. It’s so fabulous, by the end of the song, how the formerly ‘unwelcoming’ person with the scrunched up face will have softened…eyes often closed, having absorbed the sound & vibration that’s been raised throughout the car.

I’ve had many awakenings from my many experiences under the streets of New York, in the NYC subways, the latest being what I am experiencing vibration-wise on the train cars, my intuition becoming quite heightened. Sometimes, I actually invite the higher entities who channel through me in the train cars, to take a verse, a note, a phrase of a song here & there, now & then. I love to let their energies assist in the raising of the vibration of the people who I encounter. This is why I busk, this is why I spent 6 years writing a book, ‘The Subway Diaries’ to share with the world the phenomenal energetic experiences that exist underground the city of New York.

It’s such a fabulous and magical journey we’re all on & I hope more than anything that everyone can get even a small taste of these fabulous & powerful energetic worlds that exist for all of us 🙂

Thank you for your touching stories on C2C – I’ve never heard anyone else, other than myself, speak of the energetic experiences on the NYC Subways – it’s a rich & magical playground for energies to play in & was happy to hear your experiences there & elsewhere.

Love & Light
Heidi Kole
The Subway Diaries