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Oct 31 2011

As we move towrds 11/11/11 & beyond #OWS

If you are still wondering about Why Occupy Wall Street is … this  list which Occupy Wall Street released one month ago, remastered into this short Youtube video pretty much says it all:



Oct 28 2011

Occupy Wall Street & Occupy Music

Hi all. As many of you know, I’ve been spending a whole lot of time supporting The Occupy Movement both in person and virtually online.

Just a quick update to let you know my tune “Walk On Through The Rain” is now featured on #OccupyMusic!


And the following album is constantly updated with each march, rally,  & #OWS event so keep scrolling through 🙂


Next post will have even more fun news so stay tuned 🙂

Occupy Wall Street

Oct 16 2011

Big News!

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Oct 06 2011

Above Ground @ Occupy Wall Street 2011

As most of you know, despite the two weeks of media blackouts by mainstream, we, @ Occupy Wall Street have taken over what was formerly known as Zucotti Park  – now re-named, Liberty Park and holding numerous marches and protests throughout the city. The largest of which was yesterday and was host to a dozen major US Labour Unions and over 10,000 demonstrators.

I spoke of this happening in “The Subway Diaries”  – I foreshadowed it a few times as I observed the “Cracks in the Economy” and saw what it would lead to.

The movement has grown to include over 200 US cities and globally in multiple countries.

You can get more information on the movement and events in your city here: http://www.occupywallstreet.org

Yesterday’s march was filled with enormous energy and love until the cops did what they’ve been doing, relatively randomly and without much warning to us, a group of peaceful protesters. This particular incident was police violence against reporter Luke Rudkowski and won’t be shown by your local stations, of that you can be sure: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YXuvhg8Ahw&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]

If you can’t make it to NYC and wonder what it’s really like down @ Occupy Wall Street – watch this video [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/30081785[/vimeo]

And here are some photos from the march & rally singled out & on my Facebook Page:


Namaste & support @Occupy! Heidi & The Subway Diaries

Oct 02 2011

Taylor rocks the “A” train & singin’ 4 @OccupyWallStreet

So, tonight, before the cops messed me,the father of this little 8yr old girl named Taylor asked me “What should she do if she thinks she wants to sing?” My answer; “If she wants to sing, she should sing. Kids always know their calling. There’s rarely a question mark with them” – at which point I called Taylor up & handed her my mic & guitar (which she does not yet play btw) & let her have at the audience @ 42nd St. I was so proud of her! 🙂 #goTaylor!

Tonight, after Taylor (featured above: ) handed me back my guitar & mic I sang…I sang for Occupy Wall St. & our all-connectedness and though I was far away from Wall St there @ 42nd, every time I spoke the words “& this one’s for @Occupy Wall Street “- the platform erupted in cheers. It let me know and you should too @Occupy Wall Street , that this city is 100% behind you. Even if they are not all physically down there @Liberty with you, they and their energy are with you. Know that, feel that & let it propel you forward @Occupy!

I’m sure at this point, even though it’s taken over two weeks for the press to cover, you’ve seen some of the footage – but if you’ve not, here are a few links to fill you in on what’s going on here in NYC


& Finally, on my way home, I always pass these guys, but tonight the irony just smacked me in the face …

“They must find it difficult…Those who have taken authority as the truth, Rather than truth as the authority…” ~G.Massey – Egyptologist

Peace, Love & Namaste to all of us in our peaceful protests that one day soon we WILL have a voice & we WILL be heard ~ Heidi & The Subway Diaries