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Jan 31 2013

They’ve arrived!

Personalized Guitar picks form InTuneGP Endorsement arrived today. PS everyone who visits me in the Underground gets one FREE! : ) #FunStuff

Jan 23 2013

Yeah – this is NYC :)

Coming back form the trains tonight this is what I stumbled on – a drag queen dancing like no one was watching, in the middle of Times Square, so of course everyone was watching 🙂 (excuse the beginning…I barely had one hand free carrying guitar & groceries)

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”― Friedrich Nietzsche

“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” — Henry Chinaski


Jan 23 2013

Vayable Tours of the Underground start off w/ a bang!

Hi guys – so I was approached by a reporter for the website http://www.vayable.com requesting an interview with me about busking the Underground of NYC.

You may be asking…What is Vayable? Well…

What is Vayable?

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2012 09:17PM PDT
Vayable n.\ˈvī-ə-bəl\A marketplace that lets people to discover, book and sell tours and activities worldwide.

The term is a combination of vaya, which means “let’s go!” in Spanish and viable, which means “capable of living, growing and developing adequately.”

Our mission is to enable entrepreneurship, cultural exchange, community-building and exploration worldwide by empowering people to share experiences with others.

At the heart of Vayable is a community devoted to experiencing the world better. Vayable enables people to not only share their stories, but to invite others to participate in them. This is the future of travel. We believe that by taking a trip, you can change the world.

Anyway – The reporter, who was looking for 5 ‘New & interesting New Yorkers” to profile for Vayable came underground with me & interviewed me for a few hours, then suggested I create a profile for a tour if I felt so inclined…so I did!
Yesterday was my first tour, booked by a guy named Pedro in San Fransisco for his sister Anotonia & her friend, (both from Chile) for Antonia’s birthday. Needless to say we had a blast. Antonia got so many renditions of “Happy Birthday” sung to her in so many different styles, accompanied by so many different instruments, one can only imagine 🙂 We traversed East to West & I’d lined up my most favourte buskers to play, sing & chat with her along the way.
Here’s her review:  “The tour was amazing! I beeing for three weeks in nyc but I had never looked the subway like that. Your going to be able to hear really good music and know a little bit of the history the musiciens down there. Also Heidi is an amazing singer!” ~Antonia P.
And a few shots from our maiden adventure underneath the streets of NYC 🙂

The Vayable girls with Cathy Grier aka The Subway Girl

Bathabile & her ax w/ the girls standin/ by : )

Bathabile welcoming the two world travelers 🙂

Danny & his two newest fans 🙂

I’m looking forward to showing you all the magic beneath the Big Apple!

Jan 20 2013


Tonight Underground…

Guy sitting on bench on platform to me: “It’s crazy slow tonight”
Me: “I know, what’s up with that. It’s like all of Manhattan’s asleep”
Guy on Bench: “Yeah it’s the mood man”
Me: “So were you performing?”
Guy on Bench: “No”
Me: “Then how do you know it’s slow?”
Guy on Bench: “Oh, I was outside rockin’ a “Money For Weed” sign in Times Square”
Me: “Ahhhh…I see…”
Guy on Bench: “Hey could I play a song for a minute on your guitar? I had a guitar but someone smashed it…”
Me: “Ummm…yeah, sure. (guy plays insanely beautifully)
Guy: “Yeah I like to play any guitar I see ’cause someone smashed mine”
Me: “Um… well, here’s a crazy thought, have you ever considered taking some of the money you spend on weed & buying a new guitar?”
Guy: “Oh, yeah…I guess I could do that. (beat beat beat) Yeah, wow, that’s a cool idea. Yeah, I’m gonna do that.”
#whatanovelconcept 🙂

Jan 20 2013

Operation Laptop Update from our newest humanitarian, Kevin from craigslist!


Here’s the latest update from a total stranger as of 10PM last night when I posted on CL for a laptop donation. Kevin responded & listen to what’s ensued!

Amazing – we have a new heartfelt member of the Sandy Relief Humanitarian club –  just like that!:)


Jan 18 2013

Interview w/ MSN’s Glo Magazine on Relationship observations form an ‘unlikely’ source

This week I was interviewed by MSN writer Brienne Walsh on relationships from a Busker’s Perspective 🙂


Here’s the FULL article w/ all of the ‘Unlikely Sources’ – Enjoy 🙂


Jan 16 2013

Napping Busker

Today’s shot of the day  – Napping Busker @ Columbus Circle 🙂

Jan 15 2013

New Guitar Pick Endorsement from InTuneGP!

Hi guys – look what rolled in this week – I got accepted for an endorsement deal w/ www.InTuneGP.com for personalized guitar picks! I’m psyched & here’s a jpg of what’s in store – picture red on white & visa versa & when you come to the Underground – guess what? You get one of your very own! : )


Jan 13 2013

No Pants Subway Ride & angelic Choir at St Matthews

The thing about busking “No Pants Subway Ride” is, although super entertaining…well, there are no pants & no Pants – No pockets – No pockets – No cash 🙂

                                                                                          Photo – Caryn La Greca www.carynlagreca.com

So I took myself on an adventure uptown & to the East & somehow was pulled straight into St Matthews as I saw they had special music today. Anyway, putting all we know about the church aside – how beautiful this boys choir was. The sounds went straight into my bloodstream & really ‘got’ to me. I clicked on my cell phone & captured some of it here for you guys – enjoy 🙂

Angelic Boys Choir this afternoon NYC NY

Jan 06 2013

Urban Street Genius @ it’s Finest

Pretty nice day in the neighborhood today – even warm in the subways. Plus…was recorded by these guys while busking www.livefromthestreets.com & they’re gonna add hiphop to my tunes from the underground. Thee guys are my definition of ‘Urban Street Genius’ @ it’s finest -Check out their work. Stay tuned for what they do w/ my sounds. I’m still mad in love love w/ that crazy world under NYC, even after all this time ♥