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Nov 17 2016

Truth in a bottle

Drunk people are the most tuned & honest people on the planet. They function on feeling alone, void of all social censorship and always speak their mind. Tonight a totally toasted, dude decided to plant himself on the end seat of the bench on the A,C,E at Port Authority, Times Square to listen & dance & sing & yeah almost fall over. numerous times. No matter if he was sitting or standing, every time I sang he got all wound up so I practiced stopping in the hopes he’s get bored & leave, but instead he just gave me a look of confusion & dropped more money in my case asking for more music. Oddly, he seemed to know exactly what I was sensing before, during & after each song & he’d softly share his observations through drunken mumbles & just like “The Drunken Prophet” in “The Subway Diaries”, he was freakishly spot on. The most common phrase mumbled being; “take your time, take your time” which can almost always apply to me. At one point the stumbling, fumbling guy reached into his backpack & pulled out a water & a grape drink, careened over to me & placed them next to me. He would not allow me to decline so, since I was indeed out of water, I kept the gifts. He then spent the remainder of the time instructing everyone at Port Authority, with vast hand gestures towards my guitar case, that dollars were an appropriate show of appreciation for the music. More dancing, ‘air conducting’, and stumbling around, continued until finally, after 2 full hours, he fell into a drunken sleep on the bench.




Nov 15 2016

La Humanidad

Last night on my way home from speaking on all things Subway at The New York Public Library, there was an elderly woman our lobby, struggling to walk to the elevator. I helped her in with a friend & then I walked her to her door & made sure she was settled. Despite her real struggle to walk, I was struck by how upbeat & chatty she was, talking & giggling about life, how she ended up out in the hallway alone etc. Along the 1/2 hour journey to get her back home safely I asked her; “Tienes familia aqui in Neuva York?” (do you have any family here in New York?) Her response along with her consistent bubbly demenour floored me especially in it’s contrast to her struggle just to take a step on her own ; “No, pero, la humanidad es mi familia” (No, however, humanity is my family). I smiled & respnded; “Para mí mismo, yo cantaba en el metro y la humanidad es también mi familia ” (Same for me. I sing in the Subways & humanity is my family as well) I hugged her & thanked her for allowing me to walk with her as I left admiring her seemingly unbreakable faith in all things good.

#NYCNY #Humanity


Nov 14 2016

Speaking today @ NY Public Library on 5th

Today I’ll be speaking & answering questions re the underground & busking in NYC NY, along with Kurt Boone & Matthew Christian of BUSKNY. Stop on by!




Nov 11 2016

You are a powerful being …

No matter who you voted, or didn’t vote for, slinging hate & blaming another for your sadness is not making this country nor planet a better place to live. Neither a President nor any one human can ever be your saviour. And it is dangerous to give that kind of power to any one human being.

A president can open the door, but we are the answer, the only answer to everything we see in front of us. The only way for you to have a voice & not get swallowed up by the globalists is to find a way to make a real difference in this world & do it.

The globalists thrive on division & fomenting such sentiments only feeds the beast. Find your passion, cultivate your passion, follow your passion & know you are a supremely powerful being.

Sending prayers for love, cohesiveness & much thoughtful & critical thinking before any action is taken


Nov 11 2016

Aboveground Rest & Comfort

I was by The Hudson River when a woman with a scrappy, wet little puppy covered from head to toe in Hudson mud began tugging madly at his leash in my direction. I caught his owner’s eye and removed my headphones to hear her say: “Would you mind? Would you mind giving him some love? he’s been so uneasy today, and I don’t know why. Just craving some affection & love & I just know he won’t calm down ’till someone gives him some attention”

Me, as I walk over to the little soggy spastic creature: “I think most of us feel exactly the same way right now so I totally get it little one.” And as I petted the water logged, mud splattered creature he began to calm down & soon was leaning motionless against my leg in a little mop-like stupour.

Girl: “Thank you so much. He is so much better right now. You’re the only person who stopped”

Me: “What’s his name?”

Girl: “Noah” (Meaning = Rest & Comfort)



Nov 11 2016


omg the kids tonight – adorable. I wish there was footage I could share with you all. One little girl, napping, curled up in her dad’s arms, eyes poking shyly out from under her bangs cuddled there, to my right through song #1 but when I switched to song #2, (“La Bamba” ) I noticed the crowd pointing & smiling & grabbing their phones. I turned & there she was, sitting straight up like a rod & clapping her hands over her head in perfect time, squiggling madly in her dad’s arms.



Nov 03 2016

‘The Subway Diaries’ Book Signing today NYC NY

Author, Poet & Photographer, Kurt Boone kindly invited me to sign copies of The Subway Diaries tomorrow at his launch of Subway Beats: Celebrating New York City Buskers @ 6PM Downtown NYC, NY. Come out & support NYC Buskers & Artists! <3https://www.facebook.com/events/349609918719414/14855975_10154609291109477_7875134531755856394_o