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Jun 29 2013

Blink Please Blink

So there was this guy on one of the cars this evening who looked so angry every time I glanced over I swear I thought he was gonna kill me before I finished the tune. His face never changed & eyes never blinked. He just stared with this crazy intense look. As I got to the close of the song I was trying to figure out how to walk that part of the train & avoid whatever he had planned…ugh. But I got brave & walked past & he actually, still without blinking, eyes still pinned on me, held out a bill…a $20. One never knows (note to all humans…BLINK! It’s freaky when you don’t : )

Jun 22 2013


Argh Tough month for a NYC busker …
Chemical weapon drill In NYC subway for the entire month of July. Stay sharp if you’re in the area, you never know when one of these things will go live. ~SB~

Jun 01 2013

Why I busk

When I step onto a train car here in NYC with my guitar, no matter who is sitting in that car, no matter what scrunched up face they are wearing at that moment, no matter how heavily their shoulders hang from their body, or how audible their sigh of disdain or anger at seeing me there is, all I see is love – that’s where I sing from. And the greatest joy is seeing all that energy transform in front of my eyes within the 2 1/2 minutes I visit that car. Seeing the most angry, stressed, pissed off-about to explode souls soften & smile in front of my eyes just through music, energy & intention. You may see me as separate from you, not knowing you, apart from you. I see the opposite. I see you as me, your pain as mine, your joy as my joy. That’s where I sing from. That’s how I reach you. That’s why I busk <3

Photo – Tolga Adonali

Jun 01 2013

Yo – Yo & more

Tonight I moved a whole lot of energy under New York – so much fun! When I was done singing this one car I passed a young guy, a teenager named Tyrone, who leaned in & asked quietly; ‘Can you sing that again?’ I said.I wasn’t sure everyone else would want to hear it again to which he responded …’Ill give you $20. Please?’ I said if he really wanted to hear it again he could hop the cars with me which he did. #toocutesubwaylove

It was definitely a good night for busking – we were all out! 🙂

And as I was headed home, a guy on the street yelled out: “Yo yo yo….I got a guitar at my house but I dunno how to make it wotk. Maybe you can show me. Yo”