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Dec 11 2013

SIng From Your Heart <3

2013-12-10 17.33.09

Dec 11 2013

Awesome day underground :)

Woman to me on 1st car of the day as she handed me a dollar: “Oh, please stay & sing another would you?” #SubwayLove 


Conductor today on leaning out of his window as I hopped off the “N” train: “Hey, when do I get to hear a tune?” 


As I walked through Port Authority on my way home, these two soldiers stepped out, leaned over & asked in a whispered tone: “Could you play us a tune please?” Which, after a lot of bargaining to make sure they’d have my back if the NYPD got all weird on me me, I did & they were so grateful! Then, the three of us proceeded to talk for an hour about, well, basically everything – from Government to Religion, ‘Education’ to the Illuminati, Vibrational Healing to Bloodlines, even up to & including Shape Shifting Reptilians, after which one turned to the other & said “Man, she knows everything”
“Yeah” I said, it’s my last time around. And for some reason I see it all” : )#Awesomedayunderground

2013-12-11 17.22.17


Dec 07 2013

Blows me away ~

Blows me away when out of all the people on those platforms, it’s the homeless guy wearing everything he owns who smiles when I make eye contact, grooves to the tunes & drops one of his hard fought for, crumpled dollars into my case. Moves me every time 


Dec 03 2013

Stuff to ponder …

As a busker, to make my job work – I mean really work, I must consistently move myself to a place where I have love for every single person surrounding me in the NYC subways, no matter the anger, resentment or hatred their faces & body language display. I often wonder what our world would look like right now if everyone had to, without question, be in that place of unconditional love to actually make their job work… <3 ‪#‎stufftoponder‬


Oct 10 2013

Subway Love

People record & film me all the time underground, but the highest compliment came today when these 2 guys recorded me & then played it back through their headphones, smiling & groovin’ to the recording as the train finished pulling into the station #SubwayLove

Jun 01 2013

Why I busk

When I step onto a train car here in NYC with my guitar, no matter who is sitting in that car, no matter what scrunched up face they are wearing at that moment, no matter how heavily their shoulders hang from their body, or how audible their sigh of disdain or anger at seeing me there is, all I see is love – that’s where I sing from. And the greatest joy is seeing all that energy transform in front of my eyes within the 2 1/2 minutes I visit that car. Seeing the most angry, stressed, pissed off-about to explode souls soften & smile in front of my eyes just through music, energy & intention. You may see me as separate from you, not knowing you, apart from you. I see the opposite. I see you as me, your pain as mine, your joy as my joy. That’s where I sing from. That’s how I reach you. That’s why I busk <3

Photo – Tolga Adonali