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Nov 21 2014

Think less ~

Think Less, Feel More – When you think, you draw only on what you’ve experienced in this, life thus far, when you feel, you draw on the entirety of that which is Universal Intelligence ~ HK ~

Feb 22 2014

‘Stealth Busking’

Under cover cop was way too obviously patrolling the #7 train that I was busking today so I had to do a whole lotta darting about to keep working. Finally my friendly subway maintenance worker & I came up with a code system that would alert me when one of the 3 under covers on that line was snooping about – code word ‘UNICORN’  #stealthbusking 



Dec 29 2013

Musician doing laundry :)

2013-12-29 19.39.42

Dec 22 2013

Busker’s Dream

I wish I had a million dollars so I could, instead of passing the hat for tips while busking at Xmas, I could pass the hat & hand out $100 bills. How amazingly fun would that be? ‪#‎BuskersDream‬


Dec 19 2013

What you see isn’t always…

There’s this violin player on the 7 who is always happy & always cheerily fiddlin’ away despite his accompanying sign that pleads for help for his wife who, apparently needs a liver transplant & has for a very long time… He’s there every afternoon as I hop on & off the 7 train while busking. Today he motioned me over as he was counting bills, big bills, $20’s $50’s etc & in English/Italian said; “You know how much I make?”
“Ummm, no” I said
“$300-$500 in 2-3 hours”
“omg!!!” I exclaimed wondering if the sick wife thing was real or merely the ‘lucrative part of the act’ at which point he grabbed my hands and flipped them both over saying; “No ring?”
“Oh no, no, no, no…” I heard myself repeat many times (another story) Then he looked straight at me & pointed to himself & to me & back to himself again & asked: “You? Me? Italia? Marry?”
Well that mystery got solved super fast! And I’ve obviously been workin’ this Subway thing totally wrong  #humanpsychology101

2013-12-19 17.33.02

Dec 14 2013

Busking …

Busking fixes well…almost everything 🙂


Dec 11 2013

SIng From Your Heart <3

2013-12-10 17.33.09

Dec 11 2013

Awesome day underground :)

Woman to me on 1st car of the day as she handed me a dollar: “Oh, please stay & sing another would you?” #SubwayLove 


Conductor today on leaning out of his window as I hopped off the “N” train: “Hey, when do I get to hear a tune?” 


As I walked through Port Authority on my way home, these two soldiers stepped out, leaned over & asked in a whispered tone: “Could you play us a tune please?” Which, after a lot of bargaining to make sure they’d have my back if the NYPD got all weird on me me, I did & they were so grateful! Then, the three of us proceeded to talk for an hour about, well, basically everything – from Government to Religion, ‘Education’ to the Illuminati, Vibrational Healing to Bloodlines, even up to & including Shape Shifting Reptilians, after which one turned to the other & said “Man, she knows everything”
“Yeah” I said, it’s my last time around. And for some reason I see it all” : )#Awesomedayunderground

2013-12-11 17.22.17


Dec 07 2013

Blows me away ~

Blows me away when out of all the people on those platforms, it’s the homeless guy wearing everything he owns who smiles when I make eye contact, grooves to the tunes & drops one of his hard fought for, crumpled dollars into my case. Moves me every time 


Dec 03 2013

Stuff to ponder …

As a busker, to make my job work – I mean really work, I must consistently move myself to a place where I have love for every single person surrounding me in the NYC subways, no matter the anger, resentment or hatred their faces & body language display. I often wonder what our world would look like right now if everyone had to, without question, be in that place of unconditional love to actually make their job work… <3 ‪#‎stufftoponder‬