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Dec 31 2011

Happy New Year Gaia & everyone dancing upon her :) ♥ ♥ ♥

Dec 26 2011

So how was….?

So how was celebrating an unmarried teenage mom giving birth in a barn, to a baby who grew up to be a prominent activist for peace and anti-capitalist values; who preferred the company of honest prostitutes to that of the religious elite; who challenged the prevailing beliefs in income distribution; who partook in radical direct action against the banking system, and was publicly executed as an enemy of state, for you this year?
shared from my uber creative friend,  Karen Elliott who reposted from her uber creative friend, Jill Fyfe 🙂



Dec 25 2011

Merry Merry !

Merry Merry from NYC ! 🙂

Dec 20 2011

A Busker’s Words

Know the value of a passing stranger’s smile – it is priceless, asking nothing, and can be life altering. Be that stranger. ♥

Dec 14 2011

Tonight Underground in Times Square on the A,C,E ~

Tall, thin man on platform: Hi dear. Lovely to see you again.(drops dollar)
Me: Thnx (smile)
Man: I’m a comedy writer. I was a comedy writer for 59 yrs & I’m gonna write you something special…
Me: ReallY? Cool – oh, right now, ok
Man: I’m 72 yrs old & if I was 6 months younger I’d take you home to meet my momma ’cause you’re so cute. Have a precious evening dear. See you next time!
♥ those trains – never quite sure who’s entertaining who down there 🙂

Dec 12 2011

Subway Diaries “T”‘s modeled by the ‘bestest’ :)

One of the best “Subway Diaries” fans Ms Kelly Moses (CA), winner of the 2011 ‘The Subway Diaries Street Team Award’ & her rockin’ Pug, PAT – (who no one can upstage regardless of wardrobe )

Send in your pics of you modeling the fab “T” to info@thesubwaydiaries.com & we’ll post!

xoxo & hugs from Heidi Kole & The Subway Diaries

Kelly Moses - winner of The Subway Diaries Street Team award modeling her rockin "T"& Kelly's rockin' Pug, Pat - upstaging us all! 🙂 #BuskingPug

Dec 11 2011

The Subway Diaries “T” goes to Santiago, Chile

Nick Broad, Producer/Director of The Busking Project which I was filmed/interviewed for this past September – http://www.thebuskingproject.com snapped this rockin’ shot of him wearing his Subway Diaries “T” while filming in Santiago, Chile and standing next to a fab “Heidi Metal” sign!

He calls the picture “Heidi Power”  : )

"Heidi Power" from Nick Broad of "The Busking Project" shot in Santiago Chile

Dec 08 2011

Obvious Under-Cover on the Uptown 1

So – I’m siting on the uber-crowded #1 train, headed uptown to Harlem to busk & this guy, in jeans & a sweatshirt, is standing by the pole in the middle of the train. His head is bobbing left-right-left-right & I hear what sounds like the faint crunching noise of a walkie-talkie. ( I can spot that noise a mile away) ME: “Is that I walkie-talkie I hear?” I said to the guy in the jeans. “Uh…Uh-huh” he whispered, half under his breath as if he had not wanted me to ask but instead to just go away. ME: “Are you a cop?” I said louder this time. His head bobbed back & forth faster now & nodded yes to me in between bobs. ME: (quite loudly this time) “Well, you should really turn that thing down, or get a different system or something, or else everyone will know you’re a cop!” The undercover cop shrunk down into his sweatshirt as if he wished he could just disappear. The train doors opened & shot the formerly, totally in control cop a huge smile as I hopped off onto the platform 🙂 #ows

Dec 01 2011

Ever wondered why all the summons & arrests of Subway musicians & innocent civilians…?

Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg (or ‘Emperor Bloomberg’ as we have aptly named him here in NYC) showed his true colours at a speech he gave at MIT. In the wake of my 6 years performing underground in the NYC Subways and a how he has brutally handled the peaceful members of the Occupy Movement here in New York – I believe the following quote from the speech below will clear up any questions you might have as to where his head is at…

Bloomberg: “I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world.”

'Emperor' Bloomberg

Occupy Wall Street / We Are The 99%

Dec 01 2011

Danny on POTUS & Busking :)

Ran into Danny @ Times Square last evening. We both set up on different ends of the platform, he on the coveted #1 spot, me on the 2nd choice, and after about 20 minutes I packed up & came over to hang out with him before deciding on my next location…

Me:”Hey Danny its kinda slow down here, even with all these people…how come?’

Danny “The President’s in town & he’s got all them po-lice with him” he spouted with his thick South Carolina accent, putting all the emphasis on the “po’ when he spoke the word “police”. “Those po-lice they suck up all the energy.”

Classic Danny 🙂

Danny & Me : )