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Dec 12 2011

Subway Diaries “T”‘s modeled by the ‘bestest’ :)

One of the best “Subway Diaries” fans Ms Kelly Moses (CA), winner of the 2011 ‘The Subway Diaries Street Team Award’ & her rockin’ Pug, PAT – (who no one can upstage regardless of wardrobe )

Send in your pics of you modeling the fab “T” to info@thesubwaydiaries.com & we’ll post!

xoxo & hugs from Heidi Kole & The Subway Diaries

Kelly Moses - winner of The Subway Diaries Street Team award modeling her rockin "T"& Kelly's rockin' Pug, Pat - upstaging us all! 🙂 #BuskingPug

Dec 25 2010

Danny lost Danny found & Xmas 2010

Hi everyone! Merry Merry & Happy everything else that you celebrate out there above ground :)Last night, Christmas Eve, I busked 59th St and the vibe was nothing short of magical. People returning from shopping, headed out to holiday parties, all smiling and wishing me a Merry Christmas. Such a joyous underground 🙂 I also had a gift of some good new this week. I had not see Danny, (the ‘Underground Pavorotti of Soul’ as I call him) in a long while and his phone was out & for the past 4-5 days I’d been worried sick about him. I looked everywhere for him underground but could not see or hear him anywhere. And the thing is Danny never misses a day – ever. He sings the trains 7 days a week 1-4 hrs a day 365 days a year. So, yeah, I was definitely worried.

Finally, last night after I packed up, right before I hopped on the train, I asked a couple who were playing the Downtown side of 59th if they had seen him. “Oh, yeah, Danny, I seen him yesterday. Yeah – he’s good. His phone’s all messed up though. He’s just been movin’ ’round ‘some cause of the cold” omg – you have no idea what a relief getting that news was. I had been so worried I’d been imagining a life w/out seeing or hearing Danny and it felt more than crushing to me. I will definitely be grabbing his address and contact info for his band so I’ll never have to worry needlessly again.

Big sigh of relief! Thank God he’s alright. To hear he’s just fine was the best Xmas gift ever.

Below are a few shots of my friends Juan Carlos and Duane spending Xmas afternoon @ Rockefeller Center gawking at the tree and lights 🙂 Marry Christmas!

Xmas @ Rockefeller Center!

Rockefeller Center Xmas Tree

Me playin' w/ the stars-n-stuff 🙂

Twinkle Twinkle NYC Style 🙂

Playin' w/ Angels 🙂

Duane, the Nutcracker & I :

Juan Carlos & I

The Tree!

Nov 19 2010

We’re @ Barnes & Noble!

And we welcome another fabulous vendor into ‘The Subway Diaries” family! BARNES & NOBLE @ Union Square now carries “The Subway Diaries” . While you’re in New York, shorten your Holiday Shopping list by visiting the World renowned Union Square & stop  into your friendly B&N & pick up a few copies! Voila! shopping list shortened! :)Happy Holidays!

We're @ B&N!

Nov 12 2010

Special for today!

Buy your copies of The Subway Diaries Politics&Prose Bookstore in Washington, DC & mention this add @ the register and 20% of your total purchase will go to Annunciation School!
Oct 26 2010

Quote of the week & Humour Underground

Me – “Hey Danny, a  cop just  passed  by”

Danny – “Really? Where?”

Me – “Over there. But don’t worry, it’s a female  cop. The female cops don’t really bother you”

Danny – “Oh yeah they will. They’ll  bother you. They’ll  bother you if they ain’t got no lovin’ the night before. Yes they will. They  get  themselves  some  lovin’  then they’ll  leave you alone.”

…..Ah Danny…We love you.  You always say it like it  is : )

Oh – and these signs are some of my favourite in the subways. The MTA has been cutting so much service that riders are completely confused these days what’s runnin’ & what’s not. So the MTA has now made it a practice to post ‘signage’ everywhere telling riders kinda sorta what’s running & what’s not…you know… basically, will you or will you not get to work, meetings, interviews…

An enterprising group has, throughout these cancellations & delays posted ‘counter’ signs mocking the whole situation. I love thee things!

Peace 🙂