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Nov 21 2010

“The Subway Diaries” – A Foot Long Look At Another World

Heidi Kole takes us on a unique journey below the streets of New York City, with her book, “The Subway Diaries.” The treat the reader gets is that the book really is not about being underground. It’s a personal journey of discovery, deep inside of her soul, which surprised her with a new vision of her art and her life.

For those who have never been in the New York Subway system, her writing paints an accurate and detailed picture of the life there..not the life of those passing through, but the life of those who are there..to share their music and their lives….for tips. Ms. Kole is an important voice, for you can’t really understand the scope of New York City without including the Subway system and the life that exists there.

“The Subway Diaries”, in a way, is history….the personal history of one author that represents so many people who have passed through these famous tunnels of The Subway System, is a truth..her truth..her life…and to document that life is as important if not more important, then creating the Transit Museum.

I highly recommend “The Subway Diaries”. It’s different and It’s personal and it’s actually happening today and tomorrow and probably everyday that New York continues to thrive. Our lives are enriched by the music and art that spontaneously presents itself underground. For, in each and every performer, we can see ourselves. ~ Jennie Walker

Nov 19 2010

We’re @ Barnes & Noble!

And we welcome another fabulous vendor into ‘The Subway Diaries” family! BARNES & NOBLE @ Union Square now carries “The Subway Diaries” . While you’re in New York, shorten your Holiday Shopping list by visiting the World renowned Union Square & stopĀ  into your friendly B&N & pick up a few copies! Voila! shopping list shortened! :)Happy Holidays!

We're @ B&N!

Nov 16 2010

We’re on air tonight …

Tonight “The Subway Diaries” & yours truly will be featured on Centanni Radio @ 7:00PM ESTĀ  – so tune in & listen at: http://www.centannibroadcasting.com/index.html

On Air w/ Centanni ~

Or hear the replay here!


Nov 12 2010

Special for today!

Buy your copies of The Subway Diaries Politics&Prose Bookstore in Washington, DC & mention this add @ the register and 20% of your total purchase will go to Annunciation School!