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Jun 24 2014

The good, the bad and a Happy Dance !

For almost a month now my beloved guitar has been ‘under the weather’. She’s been in & out of the shop & just last week I got word from the one ‘Guitar-Guru’ who has ever been able to repair her that; “You need a new guitar”. I won’t lie. I’ve been beyond blue. Not just due to the fact that she’s been with me for over 10 years underground & above, through the living & writing of  “The Subway Diaries” & so much more, but also because I’ve not been able to busk. I’ve been totally off kilter as I always am when I’m not connecting with humans through music beneath NYC on a regular basis & needless to say my piggy bank has become uber hollow sounding.
However, during this ‘in between’ time though, I turned my energies back to voice over & like everything I do, when I decide to do something , I do it full out. Now, after a lllll o-o-o-t-t-t of work….
 Today I  got signed by an awesome Voice Over Agent! Love good news! #HappyDance
Although I’ll be honest, it’s not been easy coming to terms with not having my ‘best friend’ with me, slung over my shoulder, day after day beneath the streets of NYC, hopefully sooner versus later I’ll have booked enough voice over gigs to buy a new ax & get back to busking.
Keep sending the groovy vibes this way & I’ll post updates soon!
Dec 10 2010

Union Square Busque & impromtu visit to “The Subway Diaries” @ Barnes&Noble

After a Union Square busque – Poet Minor & I decided to pay an impromptu visit to “The Subway Diaries” @ Barnes & Noble. And in the few minutes we were there ran into quite a few fans. Yay B&N! 🙂 (Photos – Poet Minor)

Union Sq Busque

Barnes&Noble Union Square w/ Subway Diaries & fans

B&N & The Diaries & fan

Impromptu signing @ B&N, NYC NY

"The Subway Diaries" @ Barunes & Noble in NYC

Union Square MUNY Busque

Winter Busquing

Jammin' @ Union Square

Happy w/ "The Subway Diaries" @ B&N

Me & some fans @ B&N

Barnes & Noble w/ "SD" fan who was interested in doing documentary of story

Barnes & Noble @ impromptu holiday signing

Happy Holidayz! “la la la la la…”

Nov 16 2010

We’re on air tonight …

Tonight “The Subway Diaries” & yours truly will be featured on Centanni Radio @ 7:00PM EST  – so tune in & listen at: http://www.centannibroadcasting.com/index.html

On Air w/ Centanni ~

Or hear the replay here!


Nov 02 2010

Quote of the week ~

sapphonica@heidikole thanks Heidi 🙂 your book arrived yesterday! It’s shiny, haha!

…note from my Twitter  friend Holly Mae  in Cardiff,  Whales re her newly ordered copy of “The Subway Diaries”. We’re all about the shine! 🙂

May 04 2010

Been silently meandering the city…finding mischief, of course : )

Naked Cowboy, Times Square, NYC, NY

May 02 2010

Today Underground…

Ok – so 2day underground, met a 9yr old protege (piano) playing the trains, my mic went out (grrr…), ran into & seriously avoided “Officer Halitosis” in Times Square, Pearl the mime (a la South St Seaport  auditions) stopped by to chat before she went to work, and I met a guy (‘Normal Bob Smith’) who makes ‘Dressup Jesus’ magnets : ) Darn I love that world

PS –  you can even play Jesus Dress Up online when you’re away from  your refrigerator…it’s  so wrong it’s funny 🙂