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Apr 21 2012

A Guy on Train ~

Guy on train, after pokin’ around, trying to find a place to put a dollar while I’m singing: “That was just a test”
Me: “A test?”
Guy: “A test, to see if you’d stop or keep singing”
Me: “Haha – I never stop unless you have a gun, a walkie & a badge” 🙂

Nov 26 2010

Free stuff from “The Subway Diaries” for the Holidays!

Happy Holidays Subway Diaries followers & straphangers! We have a ton of FREE stuff this holiday season from now ’till Dec 20th!

  • If you’ve not gotten your Holiday Shopping done yet why not consider “The Subway Diaries” for your friends, family, co-workers, or even yourself! We have not one but TWO FREE OFFERS & A COOL CONTEST FOR YOU THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!

1) Purchase your book at www.thesubwaydiaries.com and get it autographed for FREE by the author

2) Purchase 5 copies of “The Subway Diaries” at www.thesubwaydiaries.com and get the sixth copy FREE!

3) And the CONTEST – Want a FREE copy of the Subway Diaries and not spend a dime? Enter our “BEST AMAZON REVIEW CONTEST”! Just post your review of “The Subway Diaries” at http://www.amazon.com/review/create-review/ref=cm_cr_dp_wr_but_right?ie=UTF8&nodeID=283155&asin=0981970001&store=books – send a copy of your review to info@thesubwaydiaries.com & my team will read all reviews, pick the strongest one & that person will get a FREE SIGNED COPY of “The Subway Diaries”! It’s just  that easy :)(Contest runs ’till December 23rd)

  • Along w/ Barnes&Noble, Politics & Prose, NY Transit Museum we’re happy to announce two new vendors to “The Subway Diaries” family – DOMUS www.domusnewyork.com & DELPHINIUM, www.delphiniumhome.com – two of NYC’s premier & most intricate Gift Shops!




Nov 23 2010

Double Radio Show Tonight

  • Tonight – Tuesday, 23rd – we’ll be on air for two shows 8 -9 & 9- 10 PM EST broadcast Globally from www.centannibroadcasting.com – tune in or come on up to Giovanna’s Restaurant and be in the live studio audience while you have some kick-ass Italian food!!!
  • Here’s my 2nd host’s (9-10) blog, w/ highlights of his show tonight! http://yorkvillestoopstonuts.blogspot.com/

NOTE: Mac users download Windows Media Player For MAC prior to broadcast

Enjoy the Show!



Nov 21 2010

In this pre-fab-media-driven world, Heidi Kole does something…Refreshingly Real

Everything, including books these days are so homogenized, pasteurized, modified, and packaged by the major media and corporations telling us what we want to hear so they can sell the most product.
Not Ms. Kole! She fights “the establishment,” tells it like it is and gives us a real glimpse into the vibrant and thrilling world that exists in the New York underground, a world most of us New Yorkers just walk on by without giving it another thought. Her funny and engaging stories are a real breath of fresh air in a stagnating literary world. Bravo to Ms. Kole for doing something real! NYCQTA ~
Nov 16 2010

We’re on air tonight …

Tonight “The Subway Diaries” & yours truly will be featured on Centanni Radio @ 7:00PM EST  – so tune in & listen at: http://www.centannibroadcasting.com/index.html

On Air w/ Centanni ~

Or hear the replay here!


Nov 02 2010

Quote of the week ~

sapphonica@heidikole thanks Heidi 🙂 your book arrived yesterday! It’s shiny, haha!

…note from my Twitter  friend Holly Mae  in Cardiff,  Whales re her newly ordered copy of “The Subway Diaries”. We’re all about the shine! 🙂