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Nov 23 2010

Double Radio Show Tonight

  • Tonight – Tuesday, 23rd – we’ll be on air for two shows 8 -9 & 9- 10 PM EST broadcast Globally from www.centannibroadcasting.com – tune in or come on up to Giovanna’s Restaurant and be in the live studio audience while you have some kick-ass Italian food!!!
  • Here’s my 2nd host’s (9-10) blog, w/ highlights of his show tonight! http://yorkvillestoopstonuts.blogspot.com/

NOTE: Mac users download Windows Media Player For MAC prior to broadcast

Enjoy the Show!



Nov 21 2010

We’re on air again!

Hey guys – if  you’re near your computer this Tues night – 8PM & 9PM EST “The Subway Diaries” is going to be on two radio shows (of course, I’ll be taggin’ along for the ride 🙂

First @ 8PM I’ll be on The Val & Betty Show. and @ 9PM The Tommy Pryor Show – both shows are on Centanni Broadcasting @ www.centannibroadcasting.com (Mac users download the following to hear program  windows-media-player.for-mac.com

Val & Betty focus on women’s topics & Tommy has traveled some of the most curious roads in New York City. He also has a blog attached to his show which is fascinating if you’re a fan of NYC history & culture both  past & present – yorkvillestoopstonuts.blogspot.com


Nov 16 2010

We’re on air tonight …

Tonight “The Subway Diaries” & yours truly will be featured on Centanni Radio @ 7:00PM EST  – so tune in & listen at: http://www.centannibroadcasting.com/index.html

On Air w/ Centanni ~

Or hear the replay here!


Nov 02 2010

Quote of the week ~

sapphonica@heidikole thanks Heidi 🙂 your book arrived yesterday! It’s shiny, haha!

…note from my Twitter  friend Holly Mae  in Cardiff,  Whales re her newly ordered copy of “The Subway Diaries”. We’re all about the shine! 🙂