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Sep 13 2014

‘Soul Knowing’

‘Best human of the night’ award goes to the homeless underground NYC tonight who really listen, they hear & never fail to give even though they most likely have less than anyone else on the platform at any given time. There’s some kind of etherial connection between me & the homeless who hear me sing. I cannot tell you exactly what it is, it’s some kind of a ‘soul knowing’, but we ‘get’ each other somehow. We rarely say anything to each other, but it’s clear, it’s in the eyes.


Nov 21 2010

We’re on air again!

Hey guys – ifĀ  you’re near your computer this Tues night – 8PM & 9PM EST “The Subway Diaries” is going to be on two radio shows (of course, I’ll be taggin’ along for the ride šŸ™‚

First @ 8PM I’ll be on The Val & Betty Show. and @ 9PM The Tommy Pryor Show – both shows are on Centanni Broadcasting @ www.centannibroadcasting.com (Mac users download the following to hear programĀ  windows-media-player.for-mac.com

Val & Betty focus on women’s topics & Tommy has traveled some of the most curious roads in New York City. He also has a blog attached to his show which is fascinating if you’re a fan of NYC history & culture bothĀ  past & present – yorkvillestoopstonuts.blogspot.com


Oct 26 2010

Quote of the week & Humour Underground

Me – “Hey Danny, aĀ  cop justĀ  passedĀ  by”

Danny – “Really? Where?”

Me – “Over there. But don’t worry, it’s a femaleĀ  cop. The female cops don’t really bother you”

Danny – “Oh yeah they will. They’llĀ  bother you. They’llĀ  bother you if they ain’t got no lovin’ the night before. Yes they will. TheyĀ  getĀ  themselvesĀ  someĀ  lovin’Ā  then they’llĀ  leave you alone.”

…..Ah Danny…We love you.Ā  You always say it like itĀ  is : )

Oh – and these signs are some of my favourite in the subways. The MTA has been cutting so much service that riders are completely confused these days what’s runnin’ & what’s not. So the MTA has now made it a practice to post ‘signage’ everywhere telling riders kinda sorta what’s running & what’s not…you know… basically, will you or will you not get to work, meetings, interviews…

An enterprising group has, throughout these cancellations & delays posted ‘counter’ signs mocking the whole situation. I love thee things!

Peace šŸ™‚