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Jan 30 2012

Rock on!

Sitting on bench, waiting @Times Square for Downtown “A” train & and a guy walks by, puts his arm in the air & announces; “The incomparable Heidi Kole!” I look over & the guy smiling at me, adds, “Where’s your amp?” – not knowing him for the life of me, I answered kind of softly; “I’m actually just going downtown to the guitar store, so don’t have my amp” “Rock on Heidi Kole – we are the 99%!” he shouted as the train doors closed on his huge smile, his arm shot up in the air topped by his hand clenched in an occupy fist. This city’s eternally craaaazy : ) ♥

Jan 29 2012

Kindest words of the night :)

Kindest words of the night from my Youtube Channel ♥
“I just started reading her book. Love it. I don’t ever read and i’m hooked. Just started working in NYC and her book releates to how i feel so much that I really got into it. On the subway daily and it’s a huge change for me. Any idea where she plays these days and if she still plays? I would love to run into her on the subway to hear her in person!” ~ mfasouletos


Jan 26 2012

Hello Chase Bank …

Howdy Chase Bank…it’s me, Heidi, the Busker Chick, here to pay my credit card bill … 🙂

Jan 04 2012

Better than a ‘Mic-Check’ :)

Chase really dislikes when I pay my credit card bills at Banking ‘rush hour’ in Busking $1 that eternally jam the electronic bill counter

It’s better than a ‘mic-check’ when I go in every month – it disrupts the entire ‘flow’ and sends all the managers into a tizzy as they’re all at my window frantically counting $1’s just to get the line moving…

Oh well JP Morgan 1% – suck it up : )



Handing 10's of these to Chase Bamk @ "Rush Hour' is better than an #OWS Mic Check 🙂

Jan 03 2012

Below The Freezing Mark in The Big Apple

28 degrees out. Need it above 32 or my picks break before I get through a song … c’mon global warming, do me proud 🙂

Jan 01 2012

Quote of the day

Quote of the day: “You look like you’re supposed to be famous” 🙂 #Busking #nyc