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Feb 26 2013

Evening sun hitting @ Bway & Grand

Feb 24 2013


The world, it appears, seems to be divided between those who work hard at putting everything they’ve learned in school into practice to build a life ‘according to plan’ and those who spend a lifetime un-learning everything they were taught in search of the truth…. HK

Feb 14 2013

Buskerbits :)

Sometimes it’s $20’s, sometimes it’s Pennies, sometimes it’s a smile or a dance, other times a nod…it’s all equal – it’s always love β™₯ #buskerbits

Feb 12 2013

The Vayable Busking Tour makes the News here in NYC!

Β The Busking Tour & Vayable made the news here in NYC on WPIX11 TV ! πŸ™‚Β http://pix11.com/2013/02/11/people-making-noise-to-get-their-complaints-heard/

& here’s me, Jamie Wong (CEO Vayable) & Greg Mocker above & below ground w/ WPIX11 News


Feb 10 2013

“Busker Bits”

Love life w/ all of you – embrace it & if for a minute you can’t – take a nap – #Buskerbits

Feb 03 2013

Invitation from ‘America’s Got Talent’

This week Danny & I got a special invitation from Casting Associate, Emma from, America’s Got Talent to audition over the weekend…#Quiteanadventure πŸ™‚

Hello Heidi
I work for America’s Got Talent and we are holding auditions for Season 8 of our show this Friday & Saturday, I would love for you to audition for our show if you are interested. I can offer you a VIP Pass as well so you don’t have to wait in line. I am also looking for Danny Smalls, he was featured in your Subway Diaries. Any chance you have information on him?

Emma Green
Casting Associate
NBC’s America’s Got Talent Season 8

Feb 01 2013

An evening sharing the A C E w/ my favourite soul of the Underground : )

Danny & me shootin' the breeze under NYC

I sang, he sang & then we did a little impromptu duet version of “Crazy Love”

Click link to listen to the ‘platform version’ of the tune πŸ™‚

Danny & Me & an impromptu “Crazy Love’ on Uptown A C E πŸ™‚