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Jul 18 2013

“Oscar” the hungry NYC Sinkhole gets his own spot on PIX11 News

For the past two weeks I’ve been tracking, on my way to busk, the growth of what began as a rather small, sudden sinkhole here on 43rd St in NYC to what I now have named “Oscar” as he threatened yesterday to swallow the back wheel of a Mercedes. Tonight reporter Greg Mocker of PIX 11 News contacted me to step in & speak on behalf of my new, ever expanding friend, Oscar on the 11 o’clock news. Here’s Oscars photo album from birth to the present & Greg’s clip on NY’s PIX11 News. Nice to be a sinkhole & get your own spot/cameo! πŸ™‚



NYC attempts to 'fill' Oscar

Oscar swallows two Orange Cones

Oscar gets 'hungry' for a Mercedes πŸ™‚

"yummmm...dinner" says Oscar πŸ™‚






Oscar the Sinkhole gets a Cameo on PIX11 News

Reporter Greg Mocker takin’ a break w/ my ax πŸ™‚

Greg’s cameraman’s glasses get eaten by Oscar

Greg Mocker rescues his cameraman’s glasses from the jaws of Oscar πŸ™‚



Β Look – wood under the Streets of NYC! #cool


Feb 12 2013

The Vayable Busking Tour makes the News here in NYC!

Β The Busking Tour & Vayable made the news here in NYC on WPIX11 TV ! πŸ™‚Β http://pix11.com/2013/02/11/people-making-noise-to-get-their-complaints-heard/

& here’s me, Jamie Wong (CEO Vayable) & Greg Mocker above & below ground w/ WPIX11 News


Jul 20 2012

Chatting w/ Greg Mocker on NYC’s PIX 11 News on Rain Music Busking & The NYC Subways

Underground fun w/ PIX 11 News – Greg Mocker & I chat, sing, banter on music, busing, subways and … of course rain πŸ™‚
Greg Mocker: “Here comes the rain again… i talked to the musician behind the subway rain video. Good to finally meet ya, Heidi Kole!”

PIX 11 Interview below