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Oct 20 2012

When your work…

When your work is your meditation, your joy, your healing, your passion – you’re about as lucky as you can get #the♥ofbusking

Sep 21 2012

The Love of Busking ♥

All I could think every time I stepped onto a train car this evening to busk, looking at all the exhausted faces & bodies crammed together, side by side, the motion of the train car pulling them left, right, left right was: ‘You are all so brave to be here at this point in time. You are all so so brave to have incarnated at this point in history with such immense shifts taking place. You are all so brave & you might not even know it. I love you & this song is for you’ ♥ of busking

Jul 27 2012

NBC Universal just bought my Subway Storm Footage for the 2012 London Olympic Games!

And the ‘Subway Storm Footage’ adventure continues…just finished signing contracts w/NBC Universal as they’ve asked to use it in their NBC Olympic Promo Coverage for the duration of the 2012 Olympic Games – wild-n-crazy times : ) More to come ♥

Jul 26 2012

Storm clouds over Manhattan

Tonight we had a tornado watch out for all of NYC – the skies were ominous

Jul 18 2012

Summer Storm hit NYC while busking the 1 train today

A fast & furious Summer Storm ploughed through NYC driving home stronger than ever that the infrastructure of the NYC Subways has a bit to be desired. The following photos & videos are from 34th Street, Penn Station after only 20 minute of rainfall … you do the math 🙂




Jul 18 2012

Pug T-Modelling extraordinaire :)

My California friend Kelly Moses's oh so stylish Pug, Pat - modelling The Subway Diaries "T" 🙂

Jul 11 2012

Favourite Sign of the Day :)

I have a habit of snapping shots of NYC signage – this was my favourite of the day – right in my laundry room 🙂

Jul 06 2012

This is where I busked to today in NYC :)

May 16 2012

Favourite Feedback of the day ♥

My favourite feedback of the day from a guy who didin’t talk…he got my heart with this ♥ (excuse the blurry train pic – lotta movement on the #1 🙂

Apr 21 2012

A Guy on Train ~

Guy on train, after pokin’ around, trying to find a place to put a dollar while I’m singing: “That was just a test”
Me: “A test?”
Guy: “A test, to see if you’d stop or keep singing”
Me: “Haha – I never stop unless you have a gun, a walkie & a badge” 🙂