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Nov 15 2016

La Humanidad

Last night on my way home from speaking on all things Subway at The New York Public Library, there was an elderly woman our lobby, struggling to walk to the elevator. I helped her in with a friend & then I walked her to her door & made sure she was settled. Despite her real struggle to walk, I was struck by how upbeat & chatty she was, talking & giggling about life, how she ended up out in the hallway alone etc. Along the 1/2 hour journey to get her back home safely I asked her; “Tienes familia aqui in Neuva York?” (do you have any family here in New York?) Her response along with her consistent bubbly demenour floored me especially in it’s contrast to her struggle just to take a step on her own ; “No, pero, la humanidad es mi familia” (No, however, humanity is my family). I smiled & respnded; “Para mí mismo, yo cantaba en el metro y la humanidad es también mi familia ” (Same for me. I sing in the Subways & humanity is my family as well) I hugged her & thanked her for allowing me to walk with her as I left admiring her seemingly unbreakable faith in all things good.

#NYCNY #Humanity