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Feb 07 2017

Danny’s take on POTUS

My underground friend Danny’s take on President Trump – “I like Mr Trump. I think he’s a good man. My daughter worked for him at Trump Towers as a concierge & he always treated her really good. So good that she bought a condo on Park Avenue that’s now worth over a million dollars. I like Mr Trump. He’s a very generous man” Danny – The Subway Diaries#GeecheeDan #TheSingingDragon #Danny #Busk


Dec 31 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy new Year & Buckets Of Love from the New York City underground !

Jul 03 2016


After many months of being illegally harassed, physically evicted, threatened with jail & worse , I’m so excited that tonight, the Uptown A C E is free from one of the NYPD’s stupid, erroneous lock downs. I got to see practically everyone …. well, anyone who’s anyone  ‪#‎happydance‬ ‪#‎independence‬


Which means, I get to see Danny again! <3 Here, he’s tellin’ me he’s actually got the key to the 14th St subway bathroom. The guy is connected! ! ‪#‎busk ‪#‎thesubwaydiaries‬. ‪#‎danny‬


One of my 2 favourite cleaning guys on the Uptown A C E who always comes up to me & says, with a thick Russian Accent; “Dont’ stop thee muzeek, don’t stop thee museek…” #buskinglove


Best night ever singing Motown all night with the one & only Danny on the Uptown A C E ‪#‎busk‬ ‪#‎thesubwaydiaries‬


Let’s hope the NYPD has better things to go from here on out than harassing musicians

#Freedom #Busk #Independence

Jan 17 2016

A snow day Uptown w/ Danny

Snow day hangin’ Uptown with Danny (aka Geechee Dan). Wokin’ on tunes with engineer David at the board2016-01-17 18.04.352016-01-17 18.05.39

Apr 26 2013

Tonight Underground :)

Guy with multiple cameras hangin’ from his neck: “So, I took some photos of you & here’s my card”
Me: “Ok, thanks”
Guy: “So I took some photos of another girl who sings down here & is an actress & she also wore shorts with tights just like you. And that’s what I specialize in”
Me: “In what?”
Guy: “Photos of girls in shorts with tights, or stockings or…”
Me: (to myself) OMG ick!
***Below = Danny’s face on overhearing the entire conversation – Priceless 🙂

Mar 20 2013

Danny & I singin’ “Crazy Love” @ 42nd St Times Square


Mar 13 2013

Jammin’ w/Danny Smalls’ Geechee Band @ BB Kings on 42nd St NYC NY

 Danny Smalls’ Geechee Band featuring:
 Danny (vox & a that unique ‘Danny’ underground soul)
Heidi Kole (vox)
Sugabear (keys)
Jazzy (drums)
Taylor (bass)

NYC musicians, most also playing the NYC Subways, with South Carolina as our roots, surfacing for a night to entertain, move & groove you sans the “A” train

Eat, drink, dance & get your underground groove on for one night above @ BB Kings!
  @Lucille @ BB Kings in Midtown Manhattan on Fri March 15th @ 10PM
BB Kings, 42nd street
New York, New York
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