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Nov 08 2014

Moved again

Never fails to blow me away when a homeless person passes me in a wheelchair on the platform, then turns around & wheels close enough to throw coins in my case. Coins straight out of their paper cup‪ #‎somekindaundergroundlove‬ 


Sep 15 2011

Angels, Virtual Shopping & Love Until It Hurts

I had a tough day today so I grabbed my guitar & headed under regardless of it being 9PM at night by the time I got to the platforms.

There was a Cuban vocalist singing Spanish love songs on the Uptown A,C,E so I sat on the bench & waited ’till he was done since he said he wasn’t going to be much more than 20 minutes more

I sat down next to a happy, round-faced  Hispanic woman named Tina with her shopping bags on her lap. One was a huge MACY’S bag and I asked her; “So, what did you get?” as I pointed to the bag.

“Oh” she said confidently, “I found it”

“You found what?” I said as I peered into surprisingly empty bag

“I found the bag and it made me smile because even though I didn’t have the money to go shopping, I feel like I’ve gone shopping just carrying it”

“Oh my God, that’s brilliant. It’s like virtual shopping!”  I said to her & she smiled back a very proud smile.

Sing of the times – I thought to myself … maybe we’ll all be taking a hint from Tina soon and doing all our shopping ‘virutally’ : )

We chatted some more & she told me she and her boyfriend had just broken up but, “I really love my freedom” she added “We have things in common & he is very well to do, but I love my freedom too.” she added, her round, jovial cheeks glowing.

The then reached into her purse for a pen and said “I have something for you” She pulled out a green pen and folded her prize Macey’s bag onto her lap. Then she proceeded to write as she spoke these words:“Ama hasta que Te duela y si te Duele, es un buena senal” ~ Mother Theresa (which, translated means, Love until it hurts & if it hurts it’s a good sign” ~ Mother Theresa

“Keep this” Tina said, “Keep it near you and you will remember it’s power”

Tina proceeded to buy a copy of “The Subway Diaries”, sharing more of her relationship woes and stayed for the first 1/2 hour of my time on the platform. After she left, sharing big hugs and kisses with me , her energy remained.

I continued to sing and to be quite honest, the love that started the night continued non stop through out the evening. Commuters donated, smiled, blew & gave kisses and shared hugs with me all night long. Many shared their stories of where they were from, where they were going and how the music had moved them this evening.

I share this night’s adventures with you guys out there in “The Subway Diaries” – Land because I am eternally beyond floored at what these trains give me daily, nightly, week after week, month after month. I want you to know. I never know where these ‘angel’s come from – I never know where they go afterward as I rarely see the ‘angels’ again. But I have no doubt now, after 6 yrs underground, that angels do exist.I know they exist & I hope you too may be inspired to listen for the angels as they talk to you. Because they will, if you listen closely : )

Love & Peace Heidi & The Subway Diaries

Dec 15 2010

We’re featured in DSTRIPPED, El Molino TV & India Tube!

Cool, random stuff happens in life if you keep your eyes open  – here are a few of those wonderful  ‘randomnicities’ 🙂