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Sep 24 2011

Dstripped, Stunts, Taking Wall Street & Tonight’s Sunset ~

This Fall DStripped Magazine is featuring “The Subway Diaries” in it’s newest edition now in print here http:/ and soon to be available @ your local Barnes & Noble store in October!

And yesterday I did the first of a few days of stunt work on a horror film called “Found Footage”  – it was a rainy day but warm & the first day went well -Four of us were lynched –  lovely, right? 🙂

And perhaps most importantly, I want to make everyone aware of what is going on here in NYC and multiple cities around the US. The mass media is not only not covering this but has banned all coverage of the protests – so to be aware and tuned in to what is going on you must connect on Facebook or Twitter via sites such as this

Here are some photos from what is going on –!/media/set/?set=a.10150297287072282.331872.680962281

Photo – Jeff Prager

And here is a a video of today in Union Square where the NYPD put up Police Netting before conducting mass arrests of the peaceful protesters:

You know you’re doing something right, something of vital importance when mainstream media intentionally blocks all coverage of it’s occurring” #thatsthelitmus” ~ yours truly

PS here is their food fund for those of you who want to help & are not in NYC to physically protest –

And finally here is tonight’s sunset over the Hudson from my window in 45P – be aware, be awake, the world is shifting – Namaste world from Heidi Kole & The Subway Diaries ~