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Heidi Kole
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Oct 28 2011

Occupy Wall Street & Occupy Music

Hi all. As many of you know, I’ve been spending a whole lot of time supporting The Occupy Movement both in person and virtually online.

Just a quick update to let you know my tune “Walk On Through The Rain” is now featured on #OccupyMusic!


And the following album is constantly updated with each march, rally,  & #OWS event so keep scrolling through 🙂

Next post will have even more fun news so stay tuned 🙂

Occupy Wall Street

6 Responses to “Occupy Wall Street & Occupy Music”

  1. avatar Heidi says:

    Thanks Wendy!
    Always happy to her support for #OWS
    All energetic support means you are with us
    Is there not an #Occupy in your state as well? I believe they are everywhere : )

  2. avatar wendy Merriman says:

    Dear Heidi

    I am so excited about this song

    We as a peace alliance and many others are here witnessing to this movement

    How I would love to be there with you

    Let’s talk!

    Love to you, Wendy

  3. avatar TomPatane says:

    Heidi – I have old versions of your recordings.
    I thought they were perfect but I just visited for the first time;
    My God – your voice from “Walk On Through The Rain” It’s BETTER! Your
    Voice Is Better!

    I’ll read your book (and cry) but I NEED your music.

    I don’t know how you did it – but I swear to you – you got better!


    – Tom Patane


    Heidi Reply:

    Yay – thnx Tom – CD soooon@ & your book on its way 🙂

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