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Dec 26 2011

So how was….?

So how was celebrating an unmarried teenage mom giving birth in a barn, to a baby who grew up to be a prominent activist for peace and anti-capitalist values; who preferred the company of honest prostitutes to that of the religious elite; who challenged the prevailing beliefs in income distribution; who partook in radical direct action against the banking system, and was publicly executed as an enemy of state, for you this year?
shared from my uber creative friend,  Karen Elliott who reposted from her uber creative friend, Jill Fyfe 🙂



Oct 06 2011

Above Ground @ Occupy Wall Street 2011

As most of you know, despite the two weeks of media blackouts by mainstream, we, @ Occupy Wall Street have taken over what was formerly known as Zucotti Park  – now re-named, Liberty Park and holding numerous marches and protests throughout the city. The largest of which was yesterday and was host to a dozen major US Labour Unions and over 10,000 demonstrators.

I spoke of this happening in “The Subway Diaries”  – I foreshadowed it a few times as I observed the “Cracks in the Economy” and saw what it would lead to.

The movement has grown to include over 200 US cities and globally in multiple countries.

You can get more information on the movement and events in your city here:

Yesterday’s march was filled with enormous energy and love until the cops did what they’ve been doing, relatively randomly and without much warning to us, a group of peaceful protesters. This particular incident was police violence against reporter Luke Rudkowski and won’t be shown by your local stations, of that you can be sure:

If you can’t make it to NYC and wonder what it’s really like down @ Occupy Wall Street – watch this video

And here are some photos from the march & rally singled out & on my Facebook Page:

Namaste & support @Occupy! Heidi & The Subway Diaries