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May 16 2014

One night underground

Even though I almost cried a few times walking to the train, out of fear/ #NYPDPTSD (yeah, I’m sure that’s a thing) – Lucky me, I actually got to sing the Uptown A C E! And tonight my ‘regulars’ were so sweet. They kept stopping by & without me even asking, dropped bottles of water in my case along with their donations. Major #SubwayLove <3 During the evening I heard the kindest words from one of my ‘regulars’ tonight: “Where’ve you been? Heidi, you’re the best thing about the NYC Subways, it’s been so quiet down here & we’ve missed you!” And finally, though last time I was on the “F” train headed towards Coney Island & tonight on the platform of the Uptown A C E guess who sat down for a few tunes, this time dressed, not ‘beachy’ but all ‘fancy schmanzty’ in this long beautiful yellow sued coat? Cynthia Nixon….again. And again she donated very nicely into my guitar case. What are the odds? Twice in four days in 2 different boroughs… #areyoufollowingmecynthia ?  🙂 

2014-05-15 19.43.33


May 11 2014

Back Under

Thank you so much fellow NYC busker, Ghsts N Guitars for helping me relocate my courage today to brave the trains again. I ventured back under & miraculously got to sing uninterrupted! So many happy, smiling faces – moms, kiddies & flowers everywhere. Even had Cynthia Nixon run after me in the train car to give me a very kind tip #buskinglovefrommoviestars