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May 11 2014

Back Under

Thank you so much fellow NYC busker, Ghsts N Guitars for helping me relocate my courage today to brave the trains again. I ventured back under & miraculously got to sing uninterrupted! So many happy, smiling faces – moms, kiddies & flowers everywhere. Even had Cynthia Nixon run after me in the train car to give me a very kind tip #buskinglovefrommoviestars 


Jul 15 2010

Feel the heat

This  has been the  hottest  summer here  in  NYC in  9 years. Amp  that up  by a   10 –  12 degrees and you get the feel  of  the underground in  this  heat.  it’s  beyond a sauna.  When  done  each  day I’m  soaked  from head to  toe –  hair drenched, shirt drenched poor  guitar  getting  dripped  on   for  hours.  I  loose  so  much  fluid I  now  carry a  little  container of  salt  to  replenish  what  I  loose in  the 3-4  hrs in the heat.

Here’s a taste of the underground, on one of the hottest  days yet  courtesy of Melissa Donovan, superb  Cinematographer  who you  can  find  at www.melissadonovanproductions.com

Video link below – Feel  the heat : )


Jun 28 2010

Too cute audio love ~

I  was  gigging up in Harlem last week and this group of  five or six little girls passed by, maybe nine or ten years old, and  they became  transfixed.  Within a matter of  seconds we had a mutual  fan club thing goin’ on; I love the kids. They listened to the music, clapped, danced, stared at the money mixed in with the constant cache of  assorted candies I  keep in my guitar case, chit chatted, giggled and emptied  their little pockets of pennies, nickles and dimes into my case.

Once  done my  gigging for the night and back above ground I noticed there was a new voice mail waiting for me.   Thought you might  want to  hear…

Click below & Enjoy : )


And  a day later…


This kid’s fabulous!

Rock on world!

Heidi ~

Jun 20 2010

“Rose on Rose”

Sometimes ya have to come up for air and when you do look what  you find…

These wild  roses  live long  the Hudson River.  Here and there, the predominantly light pink have cross pollinated with the dark  pink and this one particular light pink rose ended up with just one dark pink petal,  in the shape of a heart!  – Magic

"Rose on Rose"