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Posts tagged: No Pants Subway Ride

Jan 13 2013

No Pants Subway Ride & angelic Choir at St Matthews

The thing about busking “No Pants Subway Ride” is, although super entertaining…well, there are no pants & no Pants – No pockets – No pockets – No cash 🙂

                                                                                          Photo – Caryn La Greca

So I took myself on an adventure uptown & to the East & somehow was pulled straight into St Matthews as I saw they had special music today. Anyway, putting all we know about the church aside – how beautiful this boys choir was. The sounds went straight into my bloodstream & really ‘got’ to me. I clicked on my cell phone & captured some of it here for you guys – enjoy 🙂

Angelic Boys Choir this afternoon NYC NY

Jan 07 2011

The Annual “No Pants Subway Ride” – A different kind of underground :)

So, yeah, a lot of music & art goes on Underground in the NYC Subways but so does the annual “No Pants Subway Ride”!!!
The 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride returns! The small prank orchestrated among friends has elevated into an international streaking of the Metro System. The warped minds of Improv Everywhere, invite residents to bare it all on Sunday, January 9th! Whip out the razors and wake up those legs from winter hibernation. The New York stop of the Global No Pants Subway Ride will kick off in various stations at 3 p.m. Participants must arrive on time to receive instruction and team assignment. In order for the event to be successful, founder, Charlie Todd , warns riders must not acknowledge their pant-less-peers. (courtesy, ‘’)