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Posts tagged: NYC Subway Musician

Jun 22 2013


Argh Tough month for a NYC busker …
Chemical weapon drill In NYC subway for the entire month of July. Stay sharp if you’re in the area, you never know when one of these things will go live. ~SB~

May 24 2013

Subway Love to the max

The ‘regulars’ who see me frequently underground now often show up with water in hand. Without even asking water just appears!

Here are the gifts from my regulars tonight <3

So, this guy named Hugo was on his way home from work. He was exhausted & was about to go home & crash but instead heard the music, went outside the train station, found an ATM, took out money, came back, plopped a whole lot of it in my case & stayed to listen ’till I wrapped for the night. Honestly…there’s so much love beneath these NYC streets I cannot begin to explain all of it on a blog…but this is a start : )

And finally … that which moved my heart

This kid came up to me last week & said: “I’ve seen you before…”
“Well, hi” I replied
Then he looked down at my case: “Can I have a CD?”
“They’re $5” I said
“But I’d like a CD. May I have one?”
Then it dawned on me – it’s a kid & he’s not asking for drugs or money or candy…he’s asking for music…
“Sure, you can have one. Enjoy it” I said & he ran back to his mom to show it to her figuring he asked to see if he could get something for free
So, tonight he stops by again….
“Hi!” I said back
“I got a CD from you remember?”
“Oh yeah. I do remember. Yeah. How are you?” I said, kind of figuring he’d turned the CD into a coaster or a frisbee or something by now. Then his mom leaned in & said…”He listens to your CD every day, all day long.”
“It’s all he listens to. I’m serious”
And I turned to the kid, whose name I learned tonight is Savian, “I’m really glad you asked for one Savian and thanks so much for listening. Honestly, you just made my day”


May 22 2013

Really not sure what NYC’s smokin’ tonight & Payin’ it forward on 42nd St :)

Tonight I almost got accosted with kisses by a drunk dude who decided to do an impromptu strip tease to “Son Of A Preacher Man”….luckily I’m a stunt person with super quick reflexes & can usually dance around any drunk dude on a subway platform 🙂

So then I wrap busking, surface to the street & some random guy asks; “Are you the naked cowboy? I mean the girl version…” No I’m a fully clothed busker thank you” What the @#%! are you smokin’ tonight NYC? Then he just kept tryng to give me his number….”I wanna take you out…I really like you. Please take my number….” And all I kept thinking was … geeze what the heck is different today than every other insane day in NYC? All I know is I’m definitely going back to my old laundry detergent  🙂

And finally, homeless one legged vet Douglass, who I pass every day, had no strings left on his guitar tonight when I passed by, so I dug in my case &,gave him a pack of Martins …he was so happy! “This is the best tip I’ve gotten all day!” he shouted across 42nd St 🙂