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Apr 19 2011

Lilys, Sunflowers & Tour Dates in the Sun!

So, last night I had a dream of  two dancers/mystics in long, colourful robes, movine & dancing across a green lawn, each one holding a flower. The first held an enormous, larger-than-life White Lily and the second an equally large, oversized Sunflower. After that dream, somehow now I knew Spring had finally arrived in NYC! We all thought it might actually skip us this year the way the winter dragged on. But the trees are in bloom, the flowers are comin’ up & birds tweeting madly. I even saw a goose lay her egg (all be it not golden) as I was running along The Hudson River. This truly is my favourite time of year & I hope all of you are enjoying it to the max.

I’m blessed this year to usher in the season with a full schedule of gigs & appearances that allow me to actually see the sun as I sing, speak & sign books! The tour dates range from Nassau Bahamas to Middletown Ct with fun appearances in between. Check out all the happenings below & I hope to see you all either above ground or under!

  • 5/12/11 NYC, NY Taping of Different Voices with host Poet Minor on Time Warner TV, Chanel 56 – Open to Public www.bliptv.com/differentvoices
  • 5/13/11 5/13/11 NYC, NY Performing at  “New York’s Underground Streets” Event 10PM @ “Terminal 5”
  • 5/15/11 I’m teaming up w/ fabulous documentary film maker, producer Justin Morales & Associate Producer, Magda Grover on their super film “Busking The System” www.buskingthesystem.com – we’ll be filming in the NYC subways & appearing everywhere together @ festivals & events this summer & beyond so keep your eyes & ears peeled!

A special note of thanks to the brilliant handiwork of bassist & master luthier Rick Mullen who has repaired my much neglected guitar. Thanks to his talent & dedicated work on my ax I’m up and ready to go this Spring! If you’ve got a stringed instrument in need of repair – he’s your guy! www.rickmullen.net

Finally – I’m sending all of you the best wishes for a happy, safe & super creative Spring!