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Dec 08 2011

Obvious Under-Cover on the Uptown 1

So – I’m siting on the uber-crowded #1 train, headed uptown to Harlem to busk & this guy, in jeans & a sweatshirt, is standing by the pole in the middle of the train. His head is bobbing left-right-left-right & I hear what sounds like the faint crunching noise of a walkie-talkie. ( I can spot that noise a mile away) ME: “Is that I walkie-talkie I hear?” I said to the guy in the jeans. “Uh…Uh-huh” he whispered, half under his breath as if he had not wanted me to ask but instead to just go away. ME: “Are you a cop?” I said louder this time. His head bobbed back & forth faster now & nodded yes to me in between bobs. ME: (quite loudly this time) “Well, you should really turn that thing down, or get a different system or something, or else everyone will know you’re a cop!” The undercover cop shrunk down into his sweatshirt as if he wished he could just disappear. The train doors opened & shot the formerly, totally in control cop a huge smile as I hopped off onto the platform ūüôā #ows

Jun 28 2010

Too cute audio love ~

I¬† was¬† gigging up in Harlem last week and this group of¬† five or six little girls passed by, maybe nine or ten years old, and¬† they became¬† transfixed.¬† Within a matter of¬† seconds we had a mutual¬† fan club thing goin’ on; I love the kids. They listened to the music, clapped, danced, stared at the money mixed in with the constant cache of¬† assorted candies I¬† keep in my guitar case, chit chatted, giggled and emptied¬† their little pockets of pennies, nickles and dimes into my case.

Once¬† done my¬† gigging for the night and back above ground I noticed there was a new voice mail waiting for me.¬†¬† Thought you might¬† want to¬† hear…

Click below & Enjoy : )


And¬† a day later…


This kid’s fabulous!

Rock on world!

Heidi ~