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Jan 31 2013

They’ve arrived!

Personalized Guitar picks form InTuneGP Endorsement arrived today. PS everyone who visits me in the Underground gets one FREE! : ) #FunStuff

Nov 25 2012

Look who I got to share the platform w/ tonight :)

Tonight I got to share the platform w/ my most favourite busker/musician/human being in the whole world – Danny aka The Singing Dragon – of “The Subway Diaries” fame 🙂


Here’s just one of our exchanges from the evening 🙂

Me to Danny: Hey Danny, it’s slow over there at the other end, I’m going to the Uptown 1
Danny: Really? Well, I’m not gonna be that long, you can have this spot if you want it
Me: Really? But you just got here. I don’t want to cut you short…
Danny: Girl, you know I make my money. You know I’m just like a leprechaun & this here (points to platform), this here is my pot-o-gold. You know I always got my pot-o-gold 🙂
xoxo Danny ♥

Danny & me

Dec 01 2011

Danny on POTUS & Busking :)

Ran into Danny @ Times Square last evening. We both set up on different ends of the platform, he on the coveted #1 spot, me on the 2nd choice, and after about 20 minutes I packed up & came over to hang out with him before deciding on my next location…

Me:”Hey Danny its kinda slow down here, even with all these people…how come?’

Danny “The President’s in town & he’s got all them po-lice with him” he spouted with his thick South Carolina accent, putting all the emphasis on the “po’ when he spoke the word “police”. “Those po-lice they suck up all the energy.”

Classic Danny 🙂

Danny & Me : )

Aug 05 2011

Steamy here in NYC ~

This past week’s been, well, just as hot & maybe even a bit busier than normal ( if that’s at all possible 🙂

Along w/ my normal busking schedule in this rediculous heat the week  began w/ a 6 hr photo shoot (w/ no a/c ) w/friend and fabulous musician/photographer, Mitchell Parsons http://www.mitchellparsons.com. We shot up in this spooky old house that was being renovated in ‘da Bronx 🙂  Some of the fun below….

Then….the next day I spent the day with Danny & German news anchor/reporter Pia Osterhaus filming underground for RTL Television (the German 20/20). The next day we went to “The Cotton Club” got the gift of seeing Danny perform live on stage – that man is a powerhouse! He lives to sing!!! And, we…the lucky ones live to hear him 🙂

The rest of the week’s been spent mailing books and T-shirts to all you fabulous souls who pledged to my ‘busktheworld’ tour – Thank you all! Updates to each of you who did, coming very soon 🙂

Now I’m re-grouping and preparing for some pretty fun news that I”ll be posting for you super soon!

Stay cool all of you. The heat’s been wicked so sit back, pick out your favourite tune, grab a glass of lemonade & let the music cool you down.

Love & music

Heidi & “The Subway Diaries”