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Dec 24 2013

Christmas Eve Under NY

Favourite face of the night: I noticed him with his cup in hand about half way through my tune. His eye’s were so sparkly & calm when I smiled at him. It was as if he was nodding with his eyelids. After my tune I walked the car & went up to him & said: “Where’s your cup?” He pulled it out from beneath his coat where he’d stashed it & I dumped the money I’d made into it. His eye’s smiled again.  #ChristmasEveUnderNY

2013-12-24 19.37.52

Dec 18 2013

Busking Love ~

Email from my dear friend & rockin’ photographer – Ester Jové Soligue – www.esterjovesoligue.com 

“Today i took the subway after a couple of weeks. I thought about you and yes Heidi, I  could figure out all the strength it needs to busk down there. With all these faces of people. Very grey. I can not be more proud of you – you are making a better world with your music, your voice and being yourself. Thank you.”


Dec 03 2013

Underground tryin’ to mix things up ~

Tonight I hit the platforms as I needed to mix things up musically from my train car routine which involves basically one song, plus it was crazy beautiful warm! So I get onto the Uptown A,C,E & a girl sitting on the bench shouted; “Sing that song you sing on the trains! I heard you on the cars and you got a standing ovation. Sing that song please?!” So much for mixing things up  🙂


Nov 18 2013

Look who I found tonight :)

Danny aka The Singing Dragon