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Sep 13 2014

Fancy Secret Underground Stuff :)

Tonight a guy walked by & dropped a clean $2.00 in a fancy hard plastic sleeve into my case. My busker buddy, Ron Wingate, happened to be standing there & told me this mystery guy apparently does this a lot #fancysecretstuffunderground

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Aug 30 2014

Gymboree on Steroids

It was like Gymboree on steroids underground tonight. A gazillion happy, spazzy kids all dancing their own highly creative spazz-dances & many grateful parents thanking me as they hopped on their respective trains in anticipation of their children going home & sleeping like rocks <3


Aug 28 2014

A Goospimply Day

Most favourite underground comment; “Your singing gave me goosbumps” Today was a multiple goospimply day¬†



Aug 28 2014

Busking Gifts

People kept stopping by bearing random gifts today Underground. First it was a Box of Girl Scout Cookies, then some kinda fancy-schmanzy shampoo & conditioner (at least the lady who dropped it in my case said it was). By the end of my day I kinda felt like the baby Jesus & the three wise men  #newyorkundergroundlove

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Aug 13 2014

No, seriously, again?

Ok no, seriously? Again? So tell me NYC…which trains AREN’T infested????¬†

Nowhere Is Safe: Third Subway Line Reportedly Infested With Bedbugs 

A tipster has revealed to Business Insider that¬†a third train line in the New York City subway has potentially been infested with bedbugs. The first subway line to get fumigated‚ÄĒthe N train‚ÄĒwasfollowed by the 5 train, and now the pests have reportedly taken to feeding on passengers on the 7.

After riding the 7, the tipster told Business Insider:¬†“I am a regular 7 line rider in New York. I take the line every morning from Woodside to Bryant Park. This morning, I noticed them coming out from under the seat to feed on people’s legs.”

The tipster, Kedem Deletis, said he called MTA officials on a help line after seeing the bugs, instead of starting a panic among other passengers.

Via Business Insider:

“What exactly should I have done? Raised a panic on the train and have people screaming and hurt?” Deletis asked. “Maybe captured one of these bedbugs and risk bringing one home?”

Deletis said he was certain the insect he saw was a bedbug because he had an infestation in his building “about four years ago” and “that nightmare experience made every resident an expert.”

MTA officials say they are looking into Deletis’ bedbug observation. A friend of a Gawker staff writer simply advises to not sit on the wooden seats on the platform, because the disgusting pests breed there. But maybe, for now, just¬†don’t take the subway at all.


Aug 11 2014

Tomorrow !


Aug 06 2014


Two Trains Taken Out of Service as Bedbug Infestation Hits NYC Subway

“If you’re a regular commuter or tourist (OR BUSKER – my addition) in New York City, here’s some exciting news: Earlier this week, MTA officials discovered that¬†three N trains were infested¬†with bedbugs.

The New York Daily News reports that two of the trains were taken out of service while a third was sent for fumigation.

“When we found them, we exterminated them,” Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Adam Lisberg¬†told¬†the¬†Daily News. At least some of the bugs were found in the cabs used by the trains’ motorman and conductors; it’s not clear if any were discovered in the passenger area.”


Mar 16 2014

Busking Love & Lipgloss

So I was busking the “R” tonight & this girl laden down with tons of shopping bags looked at me as I approached the door after my tune: “I don’t have any cash, but I have lip gloss…” she said with a mini question mark at the end of her offer. “Oh it’s ok, I don’t want to take your lip gloss” I said to shopper-girl. “No, no I have tons of other stuff, really it’s brand new, it’s Clarins. Take it, really – your singing was so lovely I want you to have it”¬†#buskinglove
2014-03-16 18.38.53
May 23 2013

On in5dRadio this week – Ley Lines, Earth Grids & Breasts

This week n in5d Radio we had Ley Line & Earth Grid expert Peter Champoux as our guest on the show. Here’s the replay as well as my intro to the show which you may enjoy reading/sharing:

And my intro story on breasts…etc

Nov 11 2012

Occupy Feeding FEMA :)

Occupy Sandy Relief feeding FEMA workers in NY