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Oct 19 2013

Paying It Forward … bit by bit

The homeless often sit at the ends of the subway cars with their shopping carts & bags stacked high, tied down with ropes & rigging, propped up like a friend right next to them there in the corner. Most of the time they’re sleeping. As I walk the car with my hat after singing, I do my best to get through the crowd & close enough to tuck a dollar underneath the multiple ropes that tie down their belongings with the hope that when they wake up it’s still there, waiting… #payingitforwardbitbybit


Oct 15 2013

Just Visiting …

Somehow busking always reminds me that we’re all, really…’just visiting’ 


Oct 10 2013

Subway Love

People record & film me all the time underground, but the highest compliment came today when these 2 guys recorded me & then played it back through their headphones, smiling & groovin’ to the recording as the train finished pulling into the station #SubwayLove

Oct 08 2013

A little above ground Gaia magic

Tonight’s beyond brilliant sunset over the Hudson …. notice how it’s coloured not only the sky but the water as well <3


Aug 01 2013

120 Seconds…

Tonight on one of my last runs on the “R” train there was a young couple sitting next to each other. The guy had his arm on the girl’s lap wearing a worried, helpless look on his face. The girl, she had a cap on her head & her head bowed and so I could only catch a glimpse of her face now & again. When I did it was obviously she had been crying a lot & was still in the throws of being very upset, in that place we’ve all been in where it feels there’s absolutely no way out.

I could tell the young man next to her wanted nothing more than for his girlfriend to be happy & smile again.  He appeared so powerless.Then I started to sing & she looked up for a second, surprised, & suddenly she caught herself not being able to help herself from grinning a huge grin. Just as soon as the grin overtook her face she remembered she was supposed to be sad and bowed her head once again, hiding beneath her cap. Despite the tears, her smile, that grin that appeared to have a mind of it’s own, kept popping out uncontrollably in response to the music. And her increasingly unsuccessful attempts at stifling it were akin to watching a cat dance with a ball of yarn, never quite being able to tame it.

By the end of the 2 minutes that it took for me to finish my tune, her smile had won. She had, in those 120 seconds, at least temporarily, lost track of why she’d been crying, why she’d been hiding. She was trying to remember but both her boyfriend & I watched as she struggled to recall the depth of the pain & rather failed. Right as I headed out the door to the next car I leaned down & whispered: “It’s going to be ok. Trust me.” She smiled.

~ It’s a busking thing ~

Jun 01 2013

Why I busk

When I step onto a train car here in NYC with my guitar, no matter who is sitting in that car, no matter what scrunched up face they are wearing at that moment, no matter how heavily their shoulders hang from their body, or how audible their sigh of disdain or anger at seeing me there is, all I see is love – that’s where I sing from. And the greatest joy is seeing all that energy transform in front of my eyes within the 2 1/2 minutes I visit that car. Seeing the most angry, stressed, pissed off-about to explode souls soften & smile in front of my eyes just through music, energy & intention. You may see me as separate from you, not knowing you, apart from you. I see the opposite. I see you as me, your pain as mine, your joy as my joy. That’s where I sing from. That’s how I reach you. That’s why I busk <3

Photo – Tolga Adonali

May 07 2013

Paying it forward when you have nothing at all

A guy rolled up beside me in a wheelchair this evening counting coins in his lap. While I was singing he threw some into my case & stayed to listen to the song. As he wheeled away I asked, feeling as if I’d like to give him something in return for the coins as he obviously owned very little; “Excuse me”
Man: “Yeah?”
Me: “Do you have a CD player?”
Man: “No, I’m homeless, I don’t have anything”
Me: “Oh I just wanted to give you a CD, you know, for…”
Man: “That’s ok. I was blessed today by someone else so I just wanted to pay it forward you know”
My heart & a obviously the guy’s heart standing off to the side agains the yellow column watching the entire thing were deeply touched. I took a deep breath & started in singing again as the guy leaning against the pillar grinned & the man in the wheelchair rolled onto the “A” train, tossing a few more coins in to my case as he left

Apr 27 2013

UPsiDe dOwN

People always ask me “Heidi why are you always upside down doing handstands or up there dangling from lampposts?”
Me: “I’ve realized I have to be upside down at least once a day to make this right side up stuff make any sense at all” <3

Apr 17 2013

Our In5D Radio Episode #3 w/ Astrologer Kelly Rosano

For those who missed last night’s show, it was awesome! Kelley Rosano joined us and showed how the Boston Bombings were tied into astrology ~We covered a WIDE range of topics including the collapse of the matrix, Pluto in Capricorn, Boston Marathon, bombing, lightworkers, reptilians, the Golden Age, energy vampires and much more! Check it out!


Apr 14 2013

I move souls

I move souls in the world’s most unlikely places …” #TheSubwayDiaries http://www.thesubwaydiaries.com/