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May 06 2012

Best Amazon Review of the week ~

Best Amazon review of the week of The Subway Diaries by Lawrence Daly – Lawrence you rock ♥

“Heidi Kole’s spiritual & musical journey through the magical world of subway performers is a must read for anyone who is trying to find joy & meaning in their life. The only thing more fascinating than the people and circumstances she encounters is what Heidi learns as she navigates the twisted tunnels and crowded subway platforms of the underground. Through her eyes we see that angels are all around us, joy is often found in the most unlikely of places and being awake and aware allows all of this and more to flow to us with ease. As Heidi learns about herself as an artist, musician and a human being, she teaches us that living your passion is the key to true happiness. She also shows that if you are searching for the road to enlightenment, you might just find it in the most unconventional of locals and with the help of the most unlikely of souls.”

5 Responses to “Best Amazon Review of the week ~”

  1. avatar Heidi says:

    Thnx Evie –
    Just give a shout & I’ll be happy to mail off as many autographed copies as you need!

  2. avatar Evelyn Spalding says:

    Wonderful review Heidi! I have given all my copies away, time to get another. Look forward to new books! I very proud to be a close relation!!!

  3. avatar sarah says:

    IT was a a great review indeed. Put it on the front page everywhere

  4. avatar Evelyn Spalding says:

    That is a WOW book review!


    Heidi Reply:

    Rockin’ one right Evie? He really ‘got’ the book 🙂 PS Lawrence is also an author – his book in edit process now – it’s gonna rock 🙂 PSS I’m on my 2nd & 3rd books now – I’m likin’ them both -especially the kids’ book I”m writing <3

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