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Posts tagged: Subway Musician

Nov 29 2013

Creative Courageous Gypsies

I have yet to find anything in this city that compares to the gift of busking the NYC Subways. The ability to give and receive love & smiles hour after hour in an environment usually filled with the exact opposite is rare. I hold such love for the privilege & freedom all of us performing down there hold onto literally at this point, by our fingertips. As most of humanity is silently allowing their freedoms to be stripped from them, one by one Рbuskers continue to struggle daily against obstacles most of humanity has yet to experience, just to have a voice. That struggle, is & has always been inherent in our work. As long as we are down there & continuing to fight for our first amendment, our right to make art, to entertain & spread happiness, I am proud & blessed to be part of this community of  creative, courageous  gypsies. <3


Nov 18 2013

Look who I found tonight :)

Danny aka The Singing Dragon


Oct 19 2013

Paying It Forward … bit by bit

The homeless often sit at the ends of the subway cars with their shopping carts & bags stacked high, tied down with ropes & rigging, propped up like a friend right next to them there in the corner. Most of the time they’re sleeping. As I walk the car with my hat after singing, I do my best to get through the crowd & close enough to tuck a dollar underneath the multiple ropes that tie down their belongings with the hope that when they wake up it’s still there, waiting…¬†#payingitforwardbitbybit


Oct 15 2013

Just Visiting …

Somehow busking always reminds me that we’re all, really…’just visiting’¬†


Oct 15 2013

Subway Walls


Oct 11 2013

TIny LIttle Fists With Your Toes

To anyone thinking of busking the NYC Subway Cars & wondering how you’re gonna stay upright hands free as the trains roll left, right, take sharp turns around corners & stop short…hint, it’s all in the feet… you make teeny little fists with you’re toes & grip like there’s no tomorrow.


Oct 10 2013

Subway Love

People record & film me all the time underground, but the highest compliment came today when these 2 guys recorded me & then played it back through their headphones, smiling & groovin’ to the recording as the train finished pulling into the station¬†#SubwayLove

Oct 08 2013

How I reach you under New York

My intention when I busk is always to see all the tired, sad faces with nothing but love. No matter how angry or bitter or exhausted you appear to be, I see you with & send you love. Some days it’s harder than others to see all of you with the vibration of complete love & on those days, I jump over your angry, tired exteriors & go straight to seeing you all as children, as the pure light souls you came in with. That’s how I reach you under New York – with love <3


Oct 01 2013

Mission accomplished

Young guy sitting next to his buddy to me after my tune: “Hey, yo, how long have you been singing”
Me: “A long time. All my life”
Kid: “You’ve got a mad dope sound. I mean when you hit those high notes, I just… (rubbing his arms with his hands) …I swear it gave me chills.”
Me: “Cool – that’s my goal, to move you to feel something. Mission accomplished” ¬†ūüôā

 kid on train

Aug 10 2013

Tiny Dancer

Towards the end of my run on a sparsely populated “R” train tonight, a little girl peeped her head over the seat as I began to sing & inch by inch, body part by body part, made her way out to the middle of the train car where she; utilizing the space, the poles & the seats, created the most focused & inspired, improv dance creation I’ve seen in a long time.

I adore these kids