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Nov 21 2014

Think less ~

Think Less, Feel More – When you think, you draw only on what you’ve experienced in this, life thus far, when you feel, you draw on the entirety of that which is Universal Intelligence ~ HK ~

Nov 08 2014

Moved again

Never fails to blow me away when a homeless person passes me in a wheelchair on the platform, then turns around & wheels close enough to throw coins in my case. Coins straight out of their paper cup‪ #‎somekindaundergroundlove‬ 


Nov 08 2014

Subterranean Arts & Crafts

Knitting has become such a huge thing underground. There are times when I busk the cars that there’ll be 4 knitters, all on one car, deep in yarn repose. Tonight it was Sam on the Uptown A C E who was 1/2 way through creating a truly rockin’ rabbit 🙂

2014-11-08 19.03.08
Oct 26 2014

Puppy love

Sorry NYC, if we meet for the first time (sometimes even the second or third) and you’re not a puppy, I probably won’t remember your name. No offense taken I hope 🙂 

btw- the top cutie’s name = Paul Newman. Why, of course! 🙂

me&puppy puppeeee

Oct 23 2014

Successful Subway performers’ rally against wrongful arrests

With much media coverage following – see some of the coverage in links below:








And on the Brian Lehrer Show Wed AM



Oct 08 2014

A small disruption to the banking system

I really do kind of like the look on the teller’s face at the Chase Bank, Times Square, when I pay my credit card bill like this 🙂



2014-10-08 16.31.15

And, so today, after counting all the $1’s the teller grabbed his handy dandy hand sanitizer & ‘de-subwayed’ himself, at which point I asked for a dollop too so I could ‘de-Chase’ myself 🙂

Sep 13 2014

‘Soul Knowing’

‘Best human of the night’ award goes to the homeless underground NYC tonight who really listen, they hear & never fail to give even though they most likely have less than anyone else on the platform at any given time. There’s some kind of etherial connection between me & the homeless who hear me sing. I cannot tell you exactly what it is, it’s some kind of a ‘soul knowing’, but we ‘get’ each other somehow. We rarely say anything to each other, but it’s clear, it’s in the eyes.


Aug 30 2014

Gymboree on Steroids

It was like Gymboree on steroids underground tonight. A gazillion happy, spazzy kids all dancing their own highly creative spazz-dances & many grateful parents thanking me as they hopped on their respective trains in anticipation of their children going home & sleeping like rocks <3


Aug 28 2014

Busking Gifts

People kept stopping by bearing random gifts today Underground. First it was a Box of Girl Scout Cookies, then some kinda fancy-schmanzy shampoo & conditioner (at least the lady who dropped it in my case said it was). By the end of my day I kinda felt like the baby Jesus & the three wise men  #newyorkundergroundlove

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Aug 18 2014

ABC NEWS – NYC Subway Performers -“We’re Being Over-Policed”


Subway acrobats, dancers and musicians on Tuesday decried what they said was heavy-handed policing, gathering outside City Hall to join critics of a police clampdown on minor offenses.

One activist suggested a temporary halt to subway performer arrests, which have spiked this year as officers zeroed in on minor crimes to set a tone of not tolerating lawlessness. But several performers said they just hope to arrange a way to perform without fearing arrest.

“We dance. We sing. We’re not criminals. … We shouldn’t really get locked up for showing our talent,” said Zenon “Tito” Laguerre, a 34-year-old construction worker and subway acrobat who said he was arrested last week.

The police department had no immediate response to the performers’ complaints. Mayor Bill de Blasio said last month that subway stunts may not seem like big offenses, “but breaking the law is breaking the law.”

Transit rules generally allow performing for tips in parts of subway stations, but not in trains unless artists have permits. They can use amplifiers only under certain conditions.

More than 240 subway performers have been arrested so far this year, about four times as many as during the same period last year, according to police statistics.

Some subway riders see the performers as part of the city’s anything-goes artistic environment. But others roll their eyes at hearing “it’s showtime!” on hectic commutes. Police also say subway dancing can be dangerous, though no injuries have been reported.

The rise in arrests dovetails with Police Commissioner William Bratton’s embrace of the “broken windows” theory of policing, which holds that putting up with small-time law-breaking can foster more dangerous crime. The approach has come under scrutiny since an officer used a chokehold last month in confronting a man suspected of selling untaxed cigarettes; he died after gasping “I can’t breathe!”

Bratton noted Tuesday on WNYC-FM’s “The Brian Lehrer Show” that most major crime has dropped in the city this year — although shootings have risen — and that smaller, quality-of-life offenses are offenses nonetheless.

“If people would obey the law, then they would not draw the attention of the police,” he said.

Some subway performers who comply with the rules still get arrested or told to leave, said Matthew Christian, a violinist who spearheads an advocacy group called BuskNY. Other subway performers acknowledge they’ve broken the rules but say police should focus on crime, not on what the buskers see as entertainment and entrepreneurship.

“This is New York City culture,” says Andrew “Goofy” Saunders, a 20-year-old acrobat who has stopped performing on trains amid the crackdown. “It shouldn’t be pushed away. It should be embraced.”


Associated Press writer Tom Hays contributed to this report.