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Dec 11 2010

Filimed by El Molino TV & an Engagement Ring on the “A” Train :)

So, beyond being filmed by El Molino Online TV, today was a lucrative & super fun day underground 2day including another marriage proposal, complete w/ dollar bill ring! It’s probably all on Youtube by now – so if u catch it somewhere, Tweetme! : )

'Engagement RIng' from the Underground 2day : )

Nov 21 2010

In this pre-fab-media-driven world, Heidi Kole does something…Refreshingly Real

Everything, including books these days are so homogenized, pasteurized, modified, and packaged by the major media and corporations telling us what we want to hear so they can sell the most product.
Not Ms. Kole! She fights “the establishment,” tells it like it is and gives us a real glimpse into the vibrant and thrilling world that exists in the New York underground, a world most of us New Yorkers just walk on by without giving it another thought. Her funny and engaging stories are a real breath of fresh air in a stagnating literary world. Bravo to Ms. Kole for doing something real! NYCQTA ~